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By: Alpha Vision Design  05/12/2011
Keywords: commercial property, people counting, Marketing And Advertising Campaigns

Developed by Alpha Vision Design AVD Ltd, the Traffic Central People Counter is a simple, network enabled, real time, bi-directional, footfall counting system. We have two people counting suite of products available; from our award winning low cost and networked enabled Orion series to the most powerfull and accurate (>99+% accuracy) patent pending Ulysses sensor. Our executive suite of tools can help you manage and understand trends and patterns that affect the everyday operation of your business.

(>95% accuracy)

Suitable for low cost applications such as Stand-Alone operation, Retail Branch Networks, Shopping Centres, Malls, Hotels, Cinemas, Banks, Airports...

(>99+% accuracy)

The most accurate sensor on the market. Suitable for high accuracy applications including Night Clubs, Retail, Banks, Occupancy counts, Building Mangement, Security, Trains, Tailgating..

Marketing and Advertising campaigns

a store’s performance

reliable branch comparisons

customer to sale conversion rates

understaffing/overstaffing costs

peak selling hours, days, weeks, months, seasons and years

the effects of weather, national holidays and major events on your stores performance

revenue leakage and maximise the revenue capacity of a store

"The install was probably one of the easiest I have ever been involved with, the people counter seamlessly joined the customer’s network and the web interface was very user friendly and simple to configure. I look forward to doing further business with your company in the near future" Ian Muxworthy, ICT Technical Director, UK

"We performed a 3 month trial on a range of various technologies from the leading footfall manufacturers. In all cases, Traffic Central™ outperformed all in terms of ease of deployment, accuracy and cost” Alan Hudson, Masterclass Security. Client: Douglas Village Shopping Centre, Co. Cork, Ireland.

"Traffic Central™ outperformed competing solutions but most importantly offered accurate footfall figures" Ruth Cody, director, Mason, Owen & Lyons, commercial property consultants, Dublin, Ireland.

"Of all the people counting solutions we have experienced, Traffic Central is the easiest to install and most accurate" John Brien, Electroautomation, Europe.

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Retail traffic analysis from people counting and footfall measurement

For larger installations where resources may be constrained, AVD offers a variety of services to its customers to implement, maintain, and exploit people traffic data to further decrease their costs, maximize return on investment and optimize resources.