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By: Pet Essentials  05/12/2011
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Canaries range in size from 10-17cm and belong to the finch family. They are the most commonly kept birds in captivity and are relatively hardy. The average lifespan of a canary is 10 years.

Canaries only require a simple canary seed mixture with grit for digestion. Honey bar treats can be given with supplementary greens. Canaries are sensitive to changes in their diet therefore a good routine should be maintained with good quality seed fed. We recommend Versele-Laga Canary Prestige. Water should be available at all times. An increased amount of food should be provided throughout the breeding season.

Budgies are members of the parrot family and are native to Australia.Budgies enjoy the stimulation of toys and really enjoy human interaction so ensure your budgie gets plenty of attention! You should ensure that they have access to plenty of wooden perches for gnawing.

Budgies need to be fed a ready mixed diet. We recommend Versele-Laga Budgie Prestige.

Keywords: Pet Essentials

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Kittens love to play, so toys are essential – either home-made, like squashed-up balls of tinfoil, a bunch of feathers tied on to a bit of string, an old ping pong ball, or choose some from your vet or pet shop. Rest area: The position of the rest area changes depending on where the best heat sources are, and your kitten will probably choose to rest near a radiator or in the sun.


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With house training, the key is to identify the place where you want your puppy to go, take him there often, and every time he performs make a huge fuss of him, with praise and treats. Finally, if you take him out for a walk, make sure you keep going after he’s done his stuff – because he needs his exercise and fun just as much as he needs to ‘go’.


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At this time,you will need to dispose of all the old shavings and bedding and any uneaten food in the base of the cage.The cage must be washed completely with an anti-bacterial solution. Any bites or scratches should be treated with caution, clean the wound well, and if you are concerned,contact your doctor immediately. This virus can be transmitted to humans by bites or handling faeces and urine while cleaning.


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The study, Stress Reduction in Children, found that children with a dog present showed lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those with a friendly adult present when exposed to mild social stresses. Delegates heard that the same hormone that enables babies to bond with their mothers at birth, also accounts for the power of the emotional connection we form with our pets.


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We’ve teamed up with Garman to bring you the largest selection of food, feeders and accessories to both attract and care for many types of wild garden birds. Take a browse through or selection and one of our helpful staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. Pet Essentials are delighted to introduce our Wild Bird Care Department.