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By: Paul Reidy  05/12/2011
Keywords: Mediation, workplace mediation, Disputing Parties

Mediation is a voluntary, non adversarial process for settling disputes in which a third party (the mediator) assists the disputing parties to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. The distinguishing feature of mediation is that the parties themselves determine the content of their agreement; a solution is not imposed.

There are many advantages:

  • The mediator maintains a neutral position at all times
  • The process is fast, effective, private and confidential
  • The parties concerned jointly craft their own settlement terms
  • Mediation protects and enhances the primary relationships between disputing parties
  • It is a short term intervention and relatively inexpensive
  • It seeks to accommodate different view points; parties can also agree to arbitration
  • Mediation as a process systematically works through the various issues
  • It facilitates exploration and communication of the settlement options
  • Mediation seeks to contain conflict situations and not allow them to escalate

Keywords: Disputing Parties, Mediation, workplace mediation