mai™ Manager

By: Ehasoft  05/12/2011

Ineffective management and control of EH&S programs have increasingly become the subject of litigation, shareholder confidence, and personal injury as organizations wrestle with manual, paper-based processes. Many organizations have attempted to develop in-house applications to gain the flexibility to meet their unique requirements. Others using paper-based systems, spreadsheets, or custom databases have all failed to help companies keep up with the demands of global requirements and safety standards. Environmental and quality managers demand ready access to critical information to make key decisions.

The mai Manager™ module delivers EH&S intelligence to your desktop. As the core module of the mai™ EH&S suite, the mai Manager™ provides unparalleled capabilities to ensure compliance and reduce risk. The mai Manager™ includes the following capabilities.

Quality and continuous improvement are essential strategies for any global organization to survive and prosper in today's competitive business environment. The mai Manager™ helps you manage the three basic phases of any audit program which are pre-audit planning, on-site auditing, and post-audit activities. Leveraging the capabilities of the mai Manager™, organizations can develop audit plans and execute them with flawless precision over time.

Managing material and process nonconformance will help minimize the overall impact on product quality and may reveal roots causes of the nonconformances. The mai Manager™ includes powerful capabilities to help quality managers effectively collaborate, manage, and track nonconformances across the enterprise. Nonconformances may result in corrective actions which must be tracked and monitored. Through the mai Manager™, you have complete control and the information you need to make the right decisions.

One of the essential requirements of any good environmental program is the ability to effectively capture and track corrective actions. The mai Manager™ allows you to categorize or group corrective actions as well as to manage the status of them. The system delivers robust reporting capabilities to keep you on target.

All good EH&S programs have clear objectives established to ensure effective tracking and management. The mai Manager™ allows your senior personnel to establish, track, and manage clear program objectives and targets. Each objective may be classified according to environmental or business impact and may be defined as active or inactive depending on current status. Each objective may be rolled into a comprehensive plan for effective management and reporting.

Our value proposition is that we help organizations MEASURE-ANALYZE-IMPROVE their EH&S performance. To achieve this objective, we offer robust capabilities to monitor your progress and gather important trend analysis to aid in effective decision-making. The mai Manager™ monitoring capabilities allow you to selectively monitor various aspects of your program.  

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