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By: Ehasoft  05/12/2011

Accident and incident investigations are essential to help your organization uncover hazards that either were missed earlier or have managed to slip out of the controls planned for them.  As part of an effective continuous improvement program, is critically important in protecting your employees and ultimately your brand, to have a consistent way to capture accident information and provide detailed reports and metrics on all accidents to facilitate real-time decision-making and investigation.
Protect your employees and your brand with the maitm accident report and investigation module. This module is designed to help accurately track all accident and incident-related information quickly and easily. The system allows you to record critical details of each accident through its accident reporting form and classify each accident according to your own unique classification levels.


    Accident/Incident Tracking and Recording

    Accident Reporting

    Comprehensive Injured Persons Report

    Corrective Actions Planning & Implementation

    Statistics Summary


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