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By: Tapasol  05/12/2011


Server Auto Provisioning Engine
The Tapasol Server Provisioning Engine is a modularised to reduce the complexity of provisioning both Redhat Enterprise Linux and Solaris servers.

Deploying a UNIX or Linux server requires installation and configuration of the operating system, installation and configuration of a number of third party products such as databases, and then the installation and configuration of the application. Each of these steps must be carried out by a skilled engineer, is time consuming, and carries a risk of errors or inconsistencies being introduced. Tapasol      provides an automatic installation solution that collects all of the required information up front, and then completes the installation process without further intervention. Our solutions dramatically reduce the time and cost of server deployment, and ensure complete accuracy and consistency.

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Having interviewed clients in the international Software and Telecommunications marketplace have implemented a common set of requirements that fulfil customer needs in the areas of Automated Server Provisioning and Remote IT monitoring. The Tapasol organisation have worked closely with IT organisations in the international telecommunications market place to understand the challenges associated with both.


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