Introduction to Organic Gardening

Introduction to Organic Gardening from South Facing Slope

By: South Facing Slope  23/02/2011
Keywords: food, gardening, garden services

4-week Introduction to Organic Gardening in small gardens
1. Planning a Garden

Students will choose what species
and varieties to grow and how to
arrange their garden if starting
from scratch

How much do I need?
Quantities and space
Crop rotation
Plant families
Soil preparation
Dig vs No Dig methods
Digging a plot
Building a raised bed
“Early”, “Main” and “Late”
Handout: The Gardener’s
Technique: Potatoes

2. Working with the Earth

Students will be introduced to soil
science and nutrition and given
practical instructions for home-

Composting systems
Home compost and sterile
Mesophyllic and
Thermophyllic composting
Biodiversity – Microbes and
Green Manures
Sheet Mulching
: Beans

3. Seed to Seed

Students will learn practical
techniques of raising plants from
seed, fertilising without chemicals
and saving seeds

Sowing seeds
Potting on
Planting out
Growing in pots
Liquid teas and fertilisers
Seed saving
Liquid Teas
 Tomatoes & Basil

4. Ensuring Healthy Yields without


Students will be introduced to
organic methods of pest and
disease prevention without

Pests & Diseases
Unwanted plants – “weeds”
Companion Planting
Liquid sprays
Effects of Organic food
Companion Plants

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