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By: Bandon Solicitors  05/12/2011

Your Business may, from time to time experience difficulties recovering such monies and in many situations the only recourse open to your Business is to recover the money owed through the formal legal process of debt recovery.

What we can do for you

We have a very successful track record in recovering monies, including costs for businesses like yours. We listen to the needs of our Clients and understand that it can be frustrating and time consuming for Businesses to try and recover these debts themselves.

The Debt Collection process can be procedural, off putting and lengthy. We will deal with the recovery of the debt from the start and advise you when you need to sign the relevant paperwork for each stage of the recovery process. At certain stages your attendance in Court may be necessary. At all times we will keep you informed and more importantly will take the stress of recovery off your Business so that your Business can continue to move forward.

Collection Commission is however subject to 21% vat together with the costs of making the various Court Applications. It is important to remember where the Court Process is successful the costs are also paid by the Debtor.

At the outset, we will advise you if particular debts are in the circumstances, worth recovering as we appreciate your Business is trying to recover money and does not necessarily want to incur greater costs in the pursuit of same.

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