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By: Sky Shop  05/12/2011
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You can choose from a morning or afternoon timeslot to have your Sky TV installed; on average, you can get installed in only 6 days.

A standard Sky TV set-up usually takes no longer than one hour. Our professional installers make it as quick and fuss free as possible. 

Can I choose a time slot?
When you are booking your installation you will be able to choose from a list of available dates. We will do our best to install Sky on the date you select and will confirm the date by email once your order has been processed.

If you're in the timed installation area, you can request a morning or afternoon installation time, either between 8am and 1pm, or between 12pm and 5pm. If you're not in the timed installation area, our 'all-day call' policy applies. Our engineer will arrive on site during the time period requested but the installation may continue past that. You don't need to call us to confirm your appointment unless you need to rearrange it or we have your details listed incorrectly.

Sky does not charge customers for extra set-up equipment such as T&K Brackets or pole mounts. Some sub-contractors operating in the Highlands and Islands region may charge extra for this equipment.

  • In some areas we are able to offer morning or afternoon installations. However, most areas are still based on an all-day call-out basis. Our engineer will arrive on site during the time period requested but the installation may continue past that. A standard installation usually takes no longer than one hour. You don't need to call us to confirm your appointment unless you need to rearrange it or we have your details listed incorrectly.
  • When the engineer arrives they will have a discussion with you or your chosen representative to determine the best location for your satellite dish and the routing of all cables from your Sky box.
  • Some cabling will be run externally and, on all installs, holes will be drilled for cable access to your satellite dish. Also any internal cables must be tacked to the skirting board. Our ability to complete the installation is subject to Sky's Health and Safety Regulations.
  • After setting up your equipment, our engineer will activate your viewing card and demonstrate how Sky works. You'll be given a PIN number - at first, this will be the last four digits printed on the back of your viewing card. It's a good idea to change this to ensure that nobody will use your Sky Box and incur charges without your permission. Choose a number you'll remember!
  • If your viewing card is not available at the time of your Sky set-up, please contact Sky Customer Services on 08442 414 141 when you receive your card and a Sky representative will talk you through how to activate it.
  • You should also set up your own PIN number as soon as the system has been installed in order to ensure the security of your Sky box. Your PIN can be used to restrict the types of programmes that can be viewed and to set a spending limit to control Sky Box Office purchasing.

You'll be able to enjoy watching Sky TV on the same day as your set-up.


No, don't worry. The Sky TV minidish is just 60cm across and matt black.


If you already have digital satellite equipment (including a digital satellite dish installed at your home) and simply want a Sky TV subscription, please contact Sky Customer Services.


Yes the equipment is yours.


On installation, your PIN will automatically be set as the last four digits printed on the back of your Viewing Card. We recommend you change this to a more memorable number, particularly if there are under 18s in your household, as soon as your system has been installed, in order to secure the security of your Sky box.
If you require a reminder of your PIN:

  • Press interactive on your Sky remote control.
  • Using the up/down arrows select Sky Active and press select.
  • Using the left/right arrows, select Customer Support and press select.
  • Using the up/down arrows, select PIN reminder and press select.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to find your PIN.

Please note this service is only available if you pay your Sky bill using Direct Debit or automatic credit card payments. Your Sky box will connect online at a freephone rate.

You can set up parental controls using your Sky remote control. If you want to turn the PIN restrictions on or off at any time, go to the Parental Control menu (press the services button to access this) and press the red button.


Apart from your TV viewing card, which you'll receive by post, your Sky engineer will provide you with your chosen Sky box and minidish on the day of your Sky TV set-up.


Your Sky engineer will take care of your set-up, but here are a few preparation pointers:

  • You must have a free electrical socket near your TV.
  • As a precaution, you might want to move furniture and ornaments away from the area where the Sky box will go.
  • Ensure that working plug-in telephone sockets which can accept incoming and outgoing calls are within 10 metres (30 feet) of your Sky box(es).
  • Make sure someone over 18 will be present and able to decide where the dish and cable will be installed.
  • For blocks of flats, listed building or conservation areas, planning permission may be necessary and should be obtained prior to your appointment.
  • Any internal cables will need to be tacked to the skirting board.
  • Let us know at the time of ordering your Sky TV package if there are any access or parking restrictions our engineer should be aware of.

As we make improvements and create new features, we update the software you see onscreen by sending it via the satellite. We'll let you know about these new features as soon as they're available. Check channel 999 (Sky Customer Channel) and 998 (Sky Welcome Channel) for the latest on Sky features.

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