Special Services Provided by My Cork GP including Pre & Post Natal, Vaccinations, Family Planning & Dermatology

By: Cork Gp  05/12/2011
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Practice Organisation & Premises
We are a two doctor practice set in an urban setting in Hollyhill in Cork City. In 2008 we moved premises to a purpose built 2,500 square foot premises on the junction of Harbour View Road and Courtown Drive. We are a mixed private and GMS practice, both partners (Dr George O Mahony and Dr Nick Flynn) are full GMS contract holders. In April 2008 Dr Flynn replaced Dr Noel O Mahony who had been a GP in the area for 38 years. Dr Noel’s patients are very welcome to our new surgery. We have been appointed to the panel of doctors participating in the CIEand ESB employee medical schemes. Employees from both schemes are welcome. We are fully registered with VHI, BUPA and Vivas. We have two practice nurses, Brigid and Helen. We have 7 consultation rooms. We have a practice manager, two full-time and two part-time secretaries. We have a good working relationship with potential members of our Primary Care Team including Public Health Nurses, Local Social Workers, Physiotherapists and the Area Medical Officer.

Surgery Consultations:

These are occasions we see as vital to establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our patients. So we won’t rush you through, but take whatever time is needed to address your needs or problems on the day.

We welcome:

• Private patients

• UCC/CIT and all college students

• GMS Medical card students

• CIE - our practice is contract holder for CIE employees and offers no fee consultations

• ESB - employees who have esb scheme cover can attend without fees

• European Union Patients: European Union patents with an E111 card are welcome to bring a friend to interpret if they are not confident with speaking English.

Childhood Vaccinations

We realise that while keeping your children safe from major illnesses is crucial, ‘jabs’ can sometimes be an unpleasant part of childhood. That is why we try to administer vaccinations with minimal upset to your child, in a calm and soothing manner. Experienced nurses administer vaccines to children in a friendly calm environment which gives reassurance to both parent and child.

Age Immunisations Comment
Birth BCG 1 injection
2 months DTaP/Hib/IPV/Hep B (6 in 1 + PCV) 2 injections
4 months DTaP/Hib/IPV/Hep B (6 in 1 + Men C) 2 injections
6 months DTaP/Hib/IPV/Hep B (6 in 1 + PCV+ Men C) 3 injections
12 months MMR + PCV 2 injections
13 months Men C + Hib 1-2 injections

Vaccination Names
BCG - Bacillle Calmette Guerin vaccine
DTaP - Diphtheria;Tetanus; and acellular Pertussis vaccine
Hep B - Hepatitis B vaccine
Hib - Haemophilus Influenzae B vaccine
IPV - Inactivited Polio Virus vaccine
PCV - 3) Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
Men C - Meningococcal C vaccine
MMR - Measles; mumps: rubella vaccine

Minor Surgery

We perform a wide range of minor surgery and procedures in house, avoiding the need to visit hospital. The following are examples of minor issues we are able to deal with at the surgery: Moles, Lumps, Growths, In growing Toe nails & certain types of skin cancer.


We are pleased to provide this service for patients with Haemachromatosis and polycythemia rubra vera.

Wart Clinic

We run a Wart Clinic once a week. We use a variety of methods to treat warts including cyrotherapy and surgical excision.

Ear Syringing

We are pleased to provide this service for patients by appointment.

Family Planning

Our doctors recognise that Family Planning and the issues surrounding it are extremely personal in nature. We therefore strive to give appropriate advice on types and suitability of various contraceptive methods with sensitivity and tact. These methods include a full range of contraceptive advice including pill checks, contraceptive patch, contraceptive vaginal ring, mirena, implant


We are able to give opinions on treatment and for diagnosis and investigation of more common skin conditions. Appropriate specialist opinions can be arranged if required.

Cardiology Services

• ECG, we can perform this test in the medical centre. It records electrical activity of the heart and gives the doctor information about your heart.

• 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, our nurses are fully trained to provide monitoring services for diagnostic and evaluation purposes.

• Fasting cholesterol tests, our nurses are trained not only to take samples for cholesterol tests but also to provide advice and guidance on healthy lifestyle choices.

• Heartwatch Programme: Any patient who has had a heart attack can avail of our heartwatch programme which provides for regular check up and monitoring of all relevant factors

Accident and Emergency Services

We are able to deal with minor accidents and emergencies and can provide such services as stitching of wounds, lancing of abscesses and assessments of sprained joints etc. “You may just avoid an unnecessary wait at the hospital“

Well Woman Clinic

Our extensive range of services reflects our belief in a proactive, preventative approach to healthcare and include

• Smear Tests

• Contraception: Full range of contraceptive advice including pill checks, contraceptive patch, contraceptive vaginal ring, mirena, implant

• Breast Checks: Breast examination performed? and patient instructed how to

• Maternity Care: Our nurses are very experienced in looking after you when you are pregnant. If they have any concerns they will ask one of the doctors to advise on the best course of action. Alternatively you can attend our doctors for your ante natal care.

Well Man checkups

An integral part of our preventative medicine program for men are our routine annual check ups which we recommend for all over 40. These thorough tests include Blood pressure, weight, Body Mass Index, ECG, Diabetes testing, Prostate tests

Paediatric services

As with all GP’s we are very experienced in dealing with the health of those most precious to us, our children. We are not only there when they are sick, we are happy to see children for developmental check ups.

Influenza and Pneumonia Vaccinations

All patients over the age of 65 and patients with diabetes, Cardiac, Renal, Liver or lung disease need annual flu vaccination. Clinics start in early September and run for 3 – 4 months. Vaccination against pneumonia is given once only.

Sexual Health Issues

Sexual Health is another extremely sensitive area of personal wellbeing. Our doctors will address these issues with empathy and total discretion. Our aim is to create a relationship of trust and respect between doctor and patient in order to achieve the best possible treatment and/or advice.

Ante and Post Natal Care

Pregnancy and early motherhood are an exciting and emotional time in the lives not just of women, but also their partners. Our doctors strive to provide the best possible antenatal care by rigorous monitoring of your pregnancy for early detection or prevention of possible complications. After the birth, we’ll make sure your child gets a good healthy start in life!


A community dietician visits the practice once a month. For further information enquire at reception or ask your doctor or nurse.

Travel vaccination

We recommend

on Union Quay, where Dr. Nick Flynn is Medical Director and the same philosophies of care and service to our patients are extended combined with the most up to date information and practices in preventative medicine for the traveller

Rheumatology Services

As well as helping diagnose your joint aches and pains we can arrange appropriate xrays, scans and blood tests. Where needed our doctors can administer injection into your joints to provide relief of your symptoms.

Occupation Health Services

We can provide a full range of occupation health services, this would include pre-employment medica, work absence review, back to work certification and on site health promotion activities E.g blood pressure and cholesterol testing, drug testing Employee vaccination programmes e.g Hepatitis B. Services can be tailored to suit small - medium size businesses aswell as large multi-nationals.

Test Results

When we perform tests and get results we will take any action that is needed. If we do not contact you with your results then no action was required. If you want to know a particular result please contact us and we will always be pleased to discuss them with you.

Repeat Prescriptions

If you require a repeat prescription please contact our reception staff. They will arrange for the doctor to issue your prescription. The doctor may request to see you if it been several months since your last check up. Repeat prescriptions are issued for either 1, 3 or 6 months depending on the situation. There is a fee for private prescription.

Keywords: Doctors, Vaccine

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