Conterprise - Boosting Collaboration in Enterprises

By: Conterprise  05/12/2011

Watch the following short presentation to find out how we can help your enterprise.

See below to find out more about the Conterprise components.

The Expert Finder component identifies people with relevant expertise within enterprises based on novel and successful approaches. Expert Finder uses online shared workspaces (e.g., BSCW) as a means for finding experts. This process is performed automatically and thus reduces the overhead of filling out CV-like forms etc. for users. Moreover, this approach is much more accurate than manual methods. The mined expertise can be used for building dynamic teams and producing more efficient group collaboration.

The Social Network Analyzer component analyzes and visualizes the latent social networks within organizations. Among others, this component calculates cooperation indices among personnel. Cooperation Index is a factor that determines how closely two people worked together. Such indices are used in building dynamic teams or finding persons in charge (so-called proxies), in order to boost collaboration.

The Information Filtering component solves the problem of information overload and information shortage within enterprises. This component is based on novel and intuitive techniques that were inspired from success stories of collaborative tagging. In order to minimize the overhead for users, we provide the so-called Advising component, which aims to advise end users with whom they could share their bookmarks, announcements or any other online resources. This process is done (semi-)automatically.