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Engineering Solutions

Containment Service Providers Co. Ltd was established for and has become an industry leader in the design and supply of flexible containment systems. Our ability to provide solutions that enable existing plant and facilities to be operated for products and processes outside their original design has become a Pharmaceutical Industry standard. Building on the designs and systems developed by us across all the leading Pharmaceutical manufactures in Ireland, we are now able to expand our capability into Europe. Applying proven methods of flexible containment we can offer a way forward for you and your customers that will improve your equipment capability for an ever increasing containment standard and reducing investment. Expertise and equipment supplied and installed. Your staff involved in the designs and trained in containment techniques, without breaking the bank and incurring major plant outages.

The services that we can provide are as follows:

  • Provide a consultancy to the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry on chemical containment e.g. Look at production lines and provide solutions both procedural and physical to prevent chemical release into the work place.
  • Design and supply generic glove bags for valve removal, filter change and any other operations and areas required where product lines have to be broken into.
  • Design and supply specific glove bags for non-routine maintenance operations and process requirements.
  • Design and supply glove bags for wet/dry product sampling.
  • Design and installation of mobile containment units.
  • Provide procedures and training for personnel in proven decontamination methods in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Review company’s existing cleaning procedures and assist in modification and improvement of same.
  • Generate method statements for specific plant cleaning (Decontamination) challenges.
  • Generate structured cleaning / decontamination schedules which are area specific.
  • Provide consultancy on control access procedures for personal working in a contaminated area so as to prevent egress (spread of contaminant).
  • Provide consultancy for powder handling (packaging, reactor charging, sampling etc.)
  • Provide plant specific procedures for materials, personnel and equipment movement
  • Provide housekeeping procedures (clean as you go).
  • Provide area access control procedures.
  • Provide gowning and de-gowning procedures.
  • Provide wet/dry sampling procedures.
  • Provide maintenance procedures.
  • Provide spill procedures and non-routine procedures dealing with contamination control.
  • Perform training in any/all of the above methods and procedures.
  • Design and installation of decontamination showers and de-gowning areas.
  • Provide procedures and training for all engineering solutions.
  • Provide solutions and procedures for planned breaks in containment.
  • Provide containment plan for all processes.
  • Provide front-end containment design for new facilities

Problems Solved, Processes Contained.

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