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Sakurai is one of the largest manufacturers of multicolour presses in the world. Actively sold in over sixty countries Sakurai enjoy a reputation for quality and reliability far beyond many of our competitors.To meet ever increasing demand Sakurai are constantly improving facilities and productivity methods whilst ensuring such development also reduces manufacturing costs. Proof of this policy can be evidenced through our very competitive pricing. The highly modern and fully automated factory at Gifu in Japan runs 24 hour's seven days a week.

TECHNICAL DATA - Oliver-58 Ell, Oliver-252 EPll
Specifications Oliver-58EII Oliver-252EII Oliver-258EII Oliver-252EPII Oliver-258EPII
Priniting Unit 1 2 2 2 2
Largest Sheet 580x450mm 520x360mm 580x450mm 520x360mm 580x450mm
Smallest Sheet 257x182mm 257x182mm 257x182mm 257x182mm(2/0) 257x182mm(2/0)
      270x240mm(1/1) 270x240mm(1/1)
100x148mm(OP) 100x148mm(OP) 100x148mm(OP) 100x148mm(OP) 100x148mm(OP)
Image Area 570x440mm 505x335mm 570x440mm 505x335 mm 570x440mm
Gripper Margin 8-10mm 8-10 mm 8-10mm 8-10mm 8-10mm
Printing Speed 4000~12000 IPH 4000~12000 IPH 4000~12000 IPH 4000~12000 IPH(2/0) 4000~12000 IPH(2/0)
4000~10000 IPH(1/1) 4000~10000 IPH(1/1)
Processing Range 0.04~0.4mm 0.04~0.4mm 0.04~0.4mm 0.04~0.4mm 0.04~0.4mm
Plate Thickness 0.15~0.3mm 0.15~0.3mm 0.15~0.3mm 0.15~0.3mm 0.15~0.3mm
Max. Plate Width 580mm 525mm 580mm 525mm 580mm
Plate Length* 500~520mm 400mm(SPC) 506mm(SPC) 400mm(SPC) 506mm(SPC)
Plate edge to image 45mm 35mm 40mm 35mm 40mm
Rubber Blanket 579x550mm 579x550mm 579x550mm 579x550mm 579x550mm
Feeder Pile Height 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Delivery Pile Height 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm 350mm
Dimensions(LxWxH)mm 2199x1309x1687 3373x1872x1687 3373x1872x1687 3373x1872x1687 3373x1872x1687
Weight 2500kg 5000kg 5000kg 5000kg 5000kg
Power Consumption 4.05kW 8.68kW 8.68kW 9.45kW 9.45kW

Oliver - 458 Ell / EP ll

  • SPC (Sakurai Plate Changing)
  • Automatic perfecting changeover
  • SSC I (Color console I)
  • SIS/Sakurai InterActive System
  • Automatic ink roller washup
  • Remote control running register
  • Remote control cylinder register
  • OLIVERMATIC-continuous dampening
  • Suction feed belt
  • Quick impression adjusting knob
  • Front lay detector
  • Mechanical double sheet detector
  • Electronic double sheet detector
  • Static electricity eliminator
  • Sheet decurler
  • Spray powder device
  • Side lay detector
  • Compressor
  • Motorized delivery pile board
  • Independent drive vacuum slowdown wheels
  • Sheet guide (EP II only)
  • Semi high pile delivery
  • Programmable ink doctor cycle control
  • Oscillating ink from roller

Machine Dimensions(LxWxH)

  • Suction feed belt
  • Static electricity eliminator
  • Front lay sensor
  • Side lay sensor
  • Mechanical double sheet detector
  • Ultra sonic double sheet detector
  • Plate running register system
  • Plate cocking
  • SPC / Sakurai Plate Changing
  • Automatic perfecting change-over
  • SAS / Sakurai Auto Set (Sheet size preset)
  • Quick action rebound stopper adjustment
  • Spring loaded roller pressure self-adjustment
  • Ink duct time adjusting system
  • OLIVERMATIC continuous dampening
  • Water refrigerator unit
  • Semi high pile delivery
  • Motorized positioning delivery pile board
  • Motorized positioning delivery vacuum wheels
  • SCCI / Sakurai Colour Console Type I
  • Powder spray device
  • Sheet decurler
  • SIS / Sakurai Interactive System
  • Quick release blanket bar


Standard Specifications
Max. Sheet Size 660 x 470mm (4/0) 660 x 468mm (2/2)
Min. Sheet Size 297 x 200mm (4/0) 297 x 257mm (2/2)
Max. Print Size 650 x 460mm (4/0) 650 x 450mm (2/2)
Printing Speed 4,000 - 15,000 IPH (4/0) 4,000 - 13,000 IPH (2/2)
Sheet Thickness 0.04 - 0.4mm
Plate Size 650 x 550mm
Plate Thickness 0.2 - 0.3mm
Machine Dimensions (LxWxH) 5,497 x 2,135 x 1,737mm
Machine Weight Approx. 12,000kg
Power Required Approx. 28kW

Oliver - 472 EDll, 572 EDll, 672 EDll, STANDARD EQUIPMENT
  • Sakurai Plate Changing (SPC)
  • Automatic ink roller washup
  • Sakurai Auto Set (SAS)
  • Sakurai InterActive System (SIS)
  • Continuous dampening system
  • High pile delivery
  • SCC color console stand
  • Remote control running register
  • Blanket washup
  • Suction belt feeder
  • Platform feeder/delivery
  • Side lay detector
  • Oscillating ink form roller

Four Colour
Five Colour
Max. sheet size (mm)
Min. sheet size(mm)
Image Areas(mm)
Gripper Margin(mm)
Printing Speed(1PH)
Sheet Thickness(mm)
Plate Size(mm)
Plate Edge to Image(mm)
Feed Pile Height(mm)
Delivery pile Height(mm)
Dimension, LxWxH(mm)
Power Required(kW)

Oliver - 474 EP ll 740 x 535mm STANDARD ACCESSORIES
  • Automatic Perfecting Changover
  • Sakurai Automatic Plate Changing (SPC)
  • SCC Color Console
  • Remote Control Running Register
  • Plate Cylinder Cocking
  • Sakurai Auto Set (SAS)
  • Automatic Ink Roller Washup
  • Sakurai InterActive System
  • High Pile Delivery
  • Mechanical Double Sheet Detector
  • Electronic Double Sheet Detector
  • Front Lay Senor
  • Side Lay Sensor
  • Decurler
  • Spray Powder Device
  • Automatic Blanket Washup

Max. sheet size 740 x 535mm
Min. sheet size 305 x 230mm(4/0)
  305 x 290mm(2/2)
Sheet thickness 0.04 ~ 0.4mm
Max. Print size 730 x 520mm(4/0)
  730 x 515mm(2/2)
Plate Size 745 x 605mm
Plate Thickness 0.2 ~ 0.3mm
Blanket size 750 x 625mm
Printing Speed 4,000~13,000IPH(4/0)
Feeder Pile Height 900mm
Delivery Pile Height 800mm
Power Required 30.2kW
Machine Weight 16,000kg
Machine Dimensions (L) 6,909mm

  • Platform Feeder
  • Single Action Feeder Table Setup
  • Mechanical Double Sheet Detector
  • Front and Side Guide Detectors
  • Early Sheet Edtector
  • Electronic Double Sheet Detector
  • OLIVERMATIC Continuous Dampening System
  • Sakurai Plate Changing System SPC
  • Fully Automatic Perfector Changeover
  • Pneumatic Controlled Drop Away Ink Fountain
  • Sheet Decurler
  • POD Display
  • Platform Delivery
  • Plate Cylinder Cocking
  • Electronic Positioning of Vacuum Slowdown Wheels
  • Digital Touch Screen Running Register Control
Items High Pile Model
Max. Sheet Size 1,030x720mm
Min. Sheet Size 520x360mm(2/0 mode)
520x440mm (1/1 mode)
Max. Printable Size 1,020x710mm (1,020x710mm (1/1 mode)
Plate Size 1,030x800mm
Blanket Size 1,035x920mm
Printing Speed 4,000~12,000IPH (2/0 mode)
4,000~10,000IPH (1/1 mode)
Items High Pile Model (Low Pile Model)
Sheet Thickness 0.04~0.3mm  
Feeder Pile Capacity 1,070mm  
Delivery Pile Capacity 1,070mm (500mm)
Power Consumption 35.7kW (35kW)
Machine Weight 18,500kg (16,500kg)
Machine Dimension(L) 6,470mm (5070mm)
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Keywords: plate, printing machinery

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