By: Consilium  05/12/2011
Keywords: coaching, hypnotherapy, Psychology

Behavioral Psychology covers all of our behaviors, all of our thoughts, actions and feelings even if there is no external physical action.

Every thought we have produces a physical reaction, whether in the form of a physical act, muscle tension, gland behaviour or bio-chemical reactions. You may recognize this when certain thoughts or stimuli result in you experiencing increased acid in your stomach or a release of adrenalin during stressful times.

The areas below are approximate categories of areas of treatment, though there is no clear line between them, as they all constitute a process of personal learning, growth and change.

As an example of this point, effective Coaching techniques, combined with Hypnotherapy and NLP can produce extremely effective as well as rapid results in most areas of Psychology and Human Behaviour and Hypnotherapy and NLP are core elements of all Behaviour Modification programs available today.

As every client is unique as is their needs and requirements, the specific tools and techniques which are used may vary in order to achieve the desired and required end result for you, the Client, whether it be related to Counselling, Stress, Depression and Melancholy, Anxiety, Bereavement or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based needs.

High Performance Coaching focuses on the role of Awareness, Responsibility and Trust for those clients who are seeking to take on the next big challenge in their life.

Whether this is a specific sporting goal, making a career advance, or enhancing their performance while already at executive level.

High Performance Coaching assists the client to increase self awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership styles in order to become more effective in whatever pursuit they undertake.

Additionally, High Performance Coaching in Education is now a big focus, with the ethos being on not simply developing a conveyor belt of school goers, but self aware, whole people who are innovative and creative, while proving a direct link between Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and academic Achievements.

Clients requiring High Performance Coaching typically have goals and needs in some of the following areas.

  • Executive and Business Coaching

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Sports Performance and Sports Psychology

  • Career Coaching

  • Leadership Development Training

  • Change Management and Innovation Training

  • Education and Development Coaching

For our Life Coaching clients, we work side by side with them to help them to set clear, realistic but challenging goals in their life journey. Life is all about growth and with Life Coaching, our clients can take control of the choices in the various areas in their own lives whether it be health related or business related.

Life Coaching grows the capability of the individual.

Life Coaching can also be of tremendous help with Relationship issues, increasing the Emotional Intelligence and Awareness of the client.

Self Awareness and Social Awareness are key attributes for managing relationships of all kinds, whether social, business, family or romantic.

  • Effective Goal Setting

  • Relationship issues, whether with a romantic partner, with a family member, friends or work colleagues.

  • Life Direction and Life Goals

  • Career Goals and Change

  • Social Skills, Self-Esteem and Confidence

  • Emotional Intelligence Development

Hypnotherapy and NLP, in truth, can, and often are used in conjunction with ALL of the above as a means of effective accelerated and effective learning and change.

In truth, there are few areas of Psychology where Hypnotherapy and NLP are not of immense benefit.

Specific areas where Hypnotherapy and NLP are of particular use include those listed below. In general, any habitual behaviour, subconscious emotional issues, neurotic behaviour patterns and psychosomatic disorders are areas which produce particularly positive results for people.

Agoraphobia Regression
Allergies Memory Improvement
Anger management Motivation
Anxiety Attacks Nail biting
Anorexia Nervosa Nervous habits
Asthma Over sensitivity
Bed wetting Pain Relief          
Blushing Smoking
Bulimia Fibromyalgia
Blushing Panic Attacks
Claustrophobia Public Speaking
Confidence for driving test Immune System
Confidence building Relationship problems
Confidence for driving test Shyness
Depression Sports improvement
Exam stress and memory Stage fright
Eating disorders Stress and Self Esteem
Fears and Phobias Self hypnosis For Cancer
Guilt complex Teeth Grinding
Insomnia Thumb sucking
Irritable Bowl Syndrome Weight Control

Keywords: coaching, hypnotherapy, nlp, Psychology