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By: Conor J Walsh Golf  05/12/2011

Experience shaping for and working with architects over the years has allowed me to develop knowledge of both design and build, of new and existing golf courses. I am also available for consultancy work offering my advice at any stage of the build, to help ensure quality control throughout the project.

Listed are tasks I can offer the client, with either dozer or excavator machines:

Fine shaping

  • Shaping of greens complexes
  • Tee complexes
  • Bunkers
  • Fairways
  • All water features
  • Rock walls
  • Practice facilities


  • All layers of USGA Spec Greens
  • Rootzone layers, tee sand, top soiling of features and fairways.

Bulk Earth works

  • Bulk shaping
  • Initial site clearing
  • Moving bulk material

Finishing works


Installation of irrigation