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By: Complihedge  05/12/2011

AIFMD Authorisation

We have the necessary skills and experience to manage the AIFMD authorisation process in full. However, where it is more cost effective we can assist with specific areas of the application, or simply provide advice where it is required.

Compliance and Monitoring

Organisations need to ensure ongoing compliance in a market that is characterised by challenges of rapid growth, changing risk profiles and investor mix. Non compliance may lead to a loss of reputation, a corporate or individual fine, expulsion from the industry and possible prosecution. Thus a dynamic and cost effective compliance strategy is essential to ensure correct system and procedural implementation so that non compliance pitfalls are avoided. We provide help on assembling updated AIFMD compliance procedures and manuals.

Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence service has been designed to be flexible and complementary to existing risk management arrangements and enables clear identification of the risks involved when delegating under the AIFMD. The main criteria for selecting delegate are many and varied. It is important that operational and regulatory due diligence is not designed to support a predetermined investment decision but rather is unbiased and independent evaluation of the complete range of potential risks inherent in the manager's operational infrastructure.

Internal Audit

For many organisations, a co-sourcing or outsourcing arrangement is the most cost effective way of securing and maintaining a high quality internal audit operation. Our audit and assurance team specialises in providing internal audit services to the investment industry. We will work with you to ascertain how we can assist and tailor an action plan to meet your internal audit requirements, from individual audits or projects, to the provision of a fully resourced team to manage and execute your annual audit plan.

Outsourcing Review

We help you to balance the risks and rewards - reviewing you're arrangements to make sure they're up to the task. Outsourcing is everywhere. It can be highly profitable but also carries high risk - certainly in the FSA's view. We ensure your outsourcing is managed and controlled to the highest standards. From reviews and monitoring arrangements - through to business continuity in the event of a supplier failure - we work to reduce the risks and maximise the benefits.

Restructuring and Turnaround

From time to time, funds and investment vehicles may need to restructure the way in which they operate, or they may require assistance where the investment policy is not producing the required returns. In many instances this will involve an in depth review of the operations, or of the systems and controls in place. This often requires substantial data manipulation of the transactions over a period of time to establish the causes of system failures or of investment policies.

Risk Management

Risk management is a key element in the successful operation of today’s investment business, the current economic climate has made the importance of risk management even more apparent than ever. We specialise in operational risk management for firms ranging from start-up hedge funds through to major traditional fund managers. By assessing the effectiveness of your management control systems, we can help identify potential risks within your business, prioritise and assign risks to processes and owners, deliver solutions for mitigating risks, and deploy strategies for the development of key risk indicators and the ongoing monitoring of known risks.

Technology Review

At the heart of any investment business are one or more IT platforms offering comprehensive functionality in the field of trading and order management. The appropriate technology solutions can increase effectiveness, improve productivity through increased efficiency, manage risk and improve service and communication with clients. We can assist you every step of the way; from advising on the most appropriate infrastructure and systems, through to software platforms and configuration. Whatever your business goal, we have a proven ability to interpret new business projections and match them with the precise technology solution.

Training and Education

Ongoing training can be an overlooked aspect of compliance, but we are able to ensure our clients maintain their regulatory knowledge by offering a range of training packages covering both standing and developing regulatory topics, specifically the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive.

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