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By: Comms Room Services  05/12/2011
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A quick, easy way to construct, expand or relocate your data centre or computer room. Steel faced walls and ceiling panels create watertight thermal barriers and provide protection of your computer hardware and media against fire (heat, smoke, gases and dust), explosion and flood, providing a secure server room environment.

Rapid assembly, easy expansion
The modularity of the Comms Room Services solution allows easy expansion, and also makes it easy to move the room to a new location. Pre-finished panels simply lock together resulting in a quick, clean build that needs no decoration or maintenance.

A small room can be constructed in a single day.

External fires
The critical temperature for computer media is only 55°C. Above that temperature all data is lost. The critical temperature for hardware storage is 70°C. Above that temperature, hardware will be effectively destroyed.

Our modular server rooms are constructed using lightweight, high strength, steel faced wall and ceiling panels with a 'Pyrofoam' core that provides a high performance thermal barrier which permits only very minimal heat transfer for a long initial period – allowing more time to deal with a major fire. Minor external fires will have minimal effect on internal room temperatures.

Water ingress and flooding
The construction panels have a virtually closed cell core that prevents moisture or water spreading internally. Smoke/water seals on doors and service entry points protect from water ingress and shield against fire fighting water and leaks. Additional sealing measures are implemented in areas at risk from flooding. 

Energy efficiency
The high insulation properties of the panels effectively eliminate solar gain or heat gain from other outside heating systems, saving energy and providing a stable temperature environment – this may permit a lower specification air cooling system, providing you with significant savings in running costs as well as lowering the carbon footprint of your server room.

The steel outer skin, slab construction and multipoint camlock system provide a high level of physical security. For secure data centres, this can further be enhanced by adding layers of heavy duty steel mesh within the panels, or additionally by bonding a layer of anti cutting material to the panels.

Keywords: data centre, Server Room

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