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By: Commprove  05/12/2011

Portfolio | | CommProveCommProve

The CommProve solution is made up of:

CommProve is the industry’s only true end-to-end platform, offering:

Capture and processing of raw data from multiple sources to real-time convergent mediation and presentation for business intelligence applications

Real-time correlation of data from radio, access and core networks, from both user and control planes

Network quality, subscriber experience and financial performance applications.

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Data collection is the key to CommProve’s end to end solution as data can be collected from various points in the network, from the radio interface to the core, and then tailored to specific applications as needed. CommProve Netledge is the industry’s most comprehensive data acquisition platform, capable of processing billions of transaction records per day from multiple network sources, in memory, in real-time.


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As part of the standard deployment process, the CommProve team visits the site beforehand to ensure specific requirements are included in the network plan.The system application engineers then adapt CommProve’s standard systems, from probes to the final applications, to meet your specific needs, and to provide the greatest value to your business.