Employee Handbooks are vital in protecting your company from various legal actions by employees

By: Collierbroderick  05/12/2011
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Employee Handbook - Protect Your Company Now

Reasons Why You Need An Employee Handbook

You need an employee handbook:

  1. To clarify and communicate HR policies to your employees, and
  2. To protect your business from expensive disputes with employees, including internal disputes, disputes in the employment courts and possible employee litigation

Do you have an Employee Handbook that communicates your workplace and HR policies ?

Is it comprehensive covering all aspects of your company's workplace and HR policies and procedures?

Is it up-to-date and accurate?

Is it aligned with company custom and practice?

Is it aligned with the many pieces of employment legislation and all current codes of practice in the employment area?

Have all your employees received a copy?

Have all your employees acknowledged receipt of the handbook in writing?

Have all your employees  been trained on every area of the Staff Handbook?

Over 60 HR Policies At Your Fingertips!

Our Employee Handbook is a complete set of HR Policies and Procedures Without YOU having to Do the Hard Work!

The Employee Handbook contains everything you need to communicate policies on .. well, everything!

Creating your own HR policies and procedures has never been easier.

Our employee handbook is based on a framework of the most important HR policies that will protect you from potential disputes with employees and create a better working environment.

Our staff handbook is not simply provided off-the-shelf but is customised to your specific company needs.

A Comprehensive Employee Handbook of HR Policies and Procedures

We've already done the hard work for you.

Our HR and Employment Law Specialists have prepared, and keep updated, a comprehensive employee handbook with all the mandatory and recommended HR policies and procedures you need, and much more..

Our handbook provides policies on:

  • Leave

    • Annual leave  / holidays

    • Public holidays

    • Maternity leave

    • Paternity leave

    • Adoptive leave

    • Parental leave

    • Force majeure leave

    • Carers leave

    • Bereavement  leave

    • Funeral leave

    • Compassionate leave

    • Wedding leave

    • Special leave / unpaid leave

    • Jury leave

    • Employment / Career break

    • Secondment

  • Induction

  • Performance management

    • Probation

    • Performance management / review / appraisal

    • Performance bonus

  • Employee-Employer procedures

    • Grievance

    • Disciplinary and dismissal

    • Bullying & harassment  / respect & dignity at work

    • Drugs and alcohol / misuse of substances / testing for intoxicants

  • Workplace Practices

    • Dress code, uniforms, personal grooming and hygiene

    • Office phone and mobile phone use

    • IT use

    • Wastage

  • Attendance

    • Breaks and rest periods

    • Sick leave / sick pay 

    • Punctuality  / timekeeping 

    • Unauthorised absence

    • Timesheets

    • Cock-in and clock-out

  • Vehicles and company property

    • Use of company vehicles

    • Use of own vehicles for work

    • Use of company property

  • Smoking

  • Safeguards / Security

    • Acceptance of gifts & hospitality

    • Confidentiality

    • Right to search / inspect

    • Copyright

    • Intellectual property rights

    • Data protection

    • Conflicts of interest

    • Respect of law, regulations and standards

    • Ethics and conduct

    • Good faith / whistle blowing

    • Relationships / dating in the workplace

    • Buying / selling goods in the workplace

  • Leaving employment

    • References

    • Exit interviews

    • Retirement

    • Return of company property

  • Additional Working

  • Adverse weather or 'act of god' (e.g. volcanic ash cloud)

  • Flexible Arrangements and Off-Site Working

    • Working from home

    • Lone working

    • Flexitime / Flexi Hours

  • Equality

  • Information and consultation

  • Training & education funding / study leave

  • Confidentiality

  • Data protection

  • Use of CCTV

  • Garda clearance / vetting

  • Company benefits

  • Customer complaints

  • Handling cash / money

  • Use of company credit card / travel and expenses

  • Realtionships / dating in the workplace

  • Ethics and conduct

  • Respect of law, regulations and standards

  • Good faith reporting / whistle-blowing

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Acceptance of gifts or hospitality

  • Professional code of conduct

  • Child protection / code of behaviour for working with children and young persons

  • Elder abuse / older person protection

  • Trade unions

The Easy Way To Update Or Create Your Own Staff Handbook

Whether you want to create a new employee handbook from scratch, or update HR policies and procedures in your existing staff handbook, we can help you to do this easily, quickly and cost effectvely.

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