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By: Coaction  05/12/2011


Childrens services include the following:- home-based services (which provide support for families and plan developmental programmes for children), pre-school groups, home support, weekend breaks, summer camps, Sibshops, psychological services, speech & language therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.   Childrens’ services take place in the family home, schools and the various centres based in Bantry, Castletownbere, Clonakilty, Dunmanway and Skibbereen

The Clinical Nurse Specialists act as key workers for children aged 0 – 18.  Part of the role of key worker is to provide Family Service Plans. This involves the child and their family reviewing their services and planning for the future.  CoAction provides the following services during the development of a child with an intellectual disability;

0 – 3 years

Family service plans are carried out with the family, the community nurse and, other relevant members of the team.  The multi-disciplinary team, including the speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist, and occupational therapist, provide a broad range of assessments and interventions, which can be either home or centre based.

3 – 6 years

CoAction Childrens Services

Services and supports are provided within mainstream pre-schools and the specialised CoAction pre-schools.  The Clinical Nurse specialist continues to carry out Family Service Plans with the child and their family and co-ordinates home support and respite services if necessary.  Other multidisciplinary team members provide assessments and interventions as needed.  Speech and language therapy involves individual direct therapy and parent training groups.  Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy often run small groups for children and families.  Psychology is available on request for behavioural support and advice for transition to school.

6 –18 years

Supports and services include home support and respite services.  The Clinical Nurse Specialist continues to carry out the Family Service Plans with the child and their family.  Regular therapy from the multidisciplinary team is given either in school or clinic.  Psychology service in school is provided by the National Educational Psychology Services (NEPS).  CoAction psychologists run groups for children and parents.  Sib shops, which are fun and informative days, are run several times a year for the brothers and sisters of children attending CoAction’s services.

West Cork Autism Spectrum Disorders Service is a part of CoAction West Cork.  This service is based in Skibbereen, but will be moving to the Children’s Services Centre in Dunmanway.  This team consists of a senior social worker, senior speech and language therapist, senior psychologist and senior occupational therapist.  They provide diagnostic and intervention services to children with a query of autism or autism spectrum disorder in West Cork.  Children who receive a diagnosis of autism or autism spectrum disorder and their families are offered a range of support services, including parent’s information sessions, one-on-one therapy with the child and school based intervention.


CoAction provides a range of supports to families to facilitate respite breaks, including Saturday clubs, summer camps and weekend residential respite.    Residential respite is currently provided on various weekends in Skibbereen and Dunmanway including designated weekends for children with high medical needs.

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Foundation Training programme which provides a three-year cycle of training for service users who have completed their school-based education, including skill training in various areas, lifeskills, personal development, literacy, art & crafts, social & recreation and computer studies.