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By: Coaching  05/12/2011
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Coaching focuses on unlocking a person's potential in order to maximise performance. Coaching seeks to help a person to develop a greater level of self-awareness and to become more attentive. Through active listening and effective questioning a good coach can help a person to understand the core issues and examine and consider the various options. The customer makes their own decisions in terms of the best course of action to take and the coach acts as an objective sounding board, to ensure that each options is considered, potential obstacles are understood and that there is a commitment to the chosen course of action. Career Management: One of the triggers for coaching for many business managers is uncertainty about their present career direction. Alternatively, the person maybe very clear as to their next career move within their organisation, but maybe unsure as to how to achieve this objective. Through effective coaching and a tailored personal development plan it is possible that the person being coached can take a structured and planned approach to their next career move.

Personal Development - Planning and Implementation:
Many senior executives as they progress within their businesses, can sometimes neglect their own personal development. Given the fast moving environment within which many companies operate, there is a need for these executives to develop and enhance their own skills set. The use of a coach can be effective in helping the executive set a personal development agenda and to ensure that this is acted upon. Tailored Assessment - understanding your strengths and development needs: When a person decides to undertake coaching, there can be uncertainty as to what issues or development needs, are addressed. Undertaking some tailored assessment can be useful in pinpointing specific areas for action and development.

Job Interview Coaching:

Many managers struggle to be promoted within their company, because they prepare for the job selection process (typically a number of different elements), 2 or 3 days before the event, if at all! In many cases this lack of preparation is avoidable. By taking a more planned approach to the selection process, a suitable candidate can significantly increase their prospects of success. Such success is largely dependent on having the right motivation for the role, having an in-depth understanding of the position and being adequately prepared for the selection process.

Keywords: coaching, personal development

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