By: Cm-logic  05/12/2011
Keywords: training courses, Technical Support, Software Development

When you have a business to run, finding answers and solving problems quickly and easily make all the difference.

We can provide a strong helping hand to support you in a range of ways – so that you can decide how best to interact with us to reach a pinnacle of performance. 

It’s not just about the usual support, it's also about trust and reliability and having quick access to a person with the appropriate technical knowledge to understand your issues.

Working closely with IBM and Black Duck Software, our techincal expertise ensures we provide their customers with the level of support and knowledge expected by these world leaders.

Speak to CM-Logic People - not a Call Centre on 0845 8622720.

Consultancy / Mentoring

Our experts use proven methods, hands-on experience and in-depth technical understanding to help you deliver the results you need.

Architecture specialists, Infrastructure engineers and Software Development teams work closely with you openly sharing valuable knowledge.


Technical Support & Maintenance

Our philosophy is to provide the best person for the job. We don’t pass you through a chain of command.

Term Assignments

Term assignments offer a longer term resource, in excess of a couple of weeks, to support and maintain the complete CM-Logic solutions portfolio.

Delivered by CM-Logic experts, this is a practical service, providing committed, experienced and knowledgeable additions to your team, wherever and whenever needed.


Courses and personalised sessions are designed to enable your teams to gain maximum return on your technology investments, by using all the appropriate features available to you.

We know that everyone's needs are different, so we offer cost-effective training solutions, delivered to the level and context most suitable for your environment and your people.


Keywords: Software Development, Software Development Teams, Solving Problems, Technical Support, training courses