Wheelchair Storage Cover, avoid damage during transit

By: Clonmel Covers  05/12/2011

Wheelchair Storage Cover, avoid damage during transit.

Helps to protect chair against damage and loss of individual parts during transit.

Manufactured from heavy Duty PVC.

Large opening for inserting and removing chair.

Bag folds up small and tidy for easy storage.

Purchase online or call us: € 140.00 Vat included.

Delivery Nationwide included in price.

Tel: 052-6124881

Is the ideal item to keep your wheelchair safe while in storage or during transit. Plane journeys can be a  major problem for someone traveling with a wheelchair especial y if there are others traveling with a wheelchairs, There is the possibility of loosing parts or getting part mixed up this can make someones holiday very uncomfortable and there can be long delays in getting replacement parts that are picticular to you wheelchair. Once the wheelchairs goes in the bag it is closed with a heavy duty zip and sealed.

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

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