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By: Clipso-kilkenny  05/12/2011
Keywords: Ceilings, wall coverings, Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceiling

Clipso® is a stretch ceiling designed to provide top-end visual and acoustical solutions. CLIPSO® makes ceiling renovation simple, quick and hassle-free. Our wide range of coverings offers a variety of colors and types: acoustic, anti-microbial, translucent, print, etc. Use our tension profiles to create conventional ceilings, acoustic ceilings, printed ceilings (see design section), stand-alone ceilings and floating ceilings, etc.

Wall Covering

CLIPSO® technical textiles and our range of tension profiles enable you to create perfect wall coverings combining strength and finish with acoustic and visual quality. Conventional installation with soft fabric, stand-alone partition, frame, screen, printed wall, etc.

Common features: PU-coated polyester, fire-retardant (M1), heat-shrinkable, width up to 5.25, more than 20 color options, standard or acoustic with anti-static treatment, from 200 to 320 g/sq. m, dull, metallic, translucent or flocked finish.

Keywords: Ceilings, Stretch Ceilings, Technical textiles, wall coverings