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By: Clintech  05/12/2011
Keywords: security, Information Systems, Clinical Information

In addition to the haemophilia system, which is successfully installed and tested at the Natinoal Haemophilia Centre, Ireland, Clintech will develop clinical information systems for HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis in the near to intermediate future. These systems will have a broad range of product features which will set Clintech apart from its competitors and are outlined as follows:

Optimised WorkflowWe have made it possible to collect patient data once, and utilise that data when and where it is needed …across all aspects of the clinical setting. Not only does this eliminate costly duplication of effort, it also ensures the highest level of patient safety and optimal outcomes.Because the powerful electronic patient management tool consolidates all the patients’ disease, treatment and administrative information, the need to “chase charts” is eliminated. Vital information is always at the clinician’s fingertips.With Clintech Patient Manager, greater patient satisfaction is derived from:
  • Streamlined process flows
  • Decreased waiting times
  • Improved patient education
  • More time spent with clinicians and other providers

SchedulingThe Patient Scheduler presents a comprehensive, integrated scheduler that features:

  • Outline of specific dates to be scheduled
  • Acceptable schedule drift according to the patient’s treatment protocol
  • Multi-disciplinary, multi-location scheduling from one central location
  • Built-in safeguards to avoid overbooking locations, equipment and clinicians’ time

Decision SupportClintech’s unique rules-based processing engine can be automatically applied to an individual patient’s condition and/or response to therapy in order to suggest dose modifications, schedule delays, new prescriptions for symptoms, etc. This results in increased patient safety and consistently applied medical practices.

Pharmacy Dispensing ModuleThe Pharmacy Dispensing Module increases patient safety, and significantly reduces the time required to safely dispense and administer medications.The Patient Manager Pharmacy Dispensing Module allows instant viewing of all patient prescriptions and medical history in order to verify the proper medication is being dispensed and administered, thereby increasing safety and further enhancing efficiency.

Data & Information Analysis
The powerful financial and administrative reporting features of the Patient Manager allows active management of the financial, administrative and regulatory aspects of the clinician’s practice.The Flow Sheet feature builds a custom flow sheet outlining pertinent data for the patient. Selection of data can be easily loaded into the flow sheet depending on personal preferences. For example the clinician can elect to include all patient data or limit the flow sheet to just test results and medications.

SecurityCustomisable security settings allow individualised access to patient information based on staff function. Clintech has built into our electronic technologies the latest and most advanced security features to ensure patient data is safe, secure, and accessible only to those within the practice with authorisation to view the information. All security functions have been built in parallel with the development of the Clintech system, i.e. security is not an added-on function. This provides the highest level of security for information systems.

Interface Engine

Clintech's dedicated team of information technology professionals help guarantee that the software solution seamlessly integrates with other systems within the organization, such as patient registration, laboratory, billing, transcription, and pharmacy. By designing and implementing the proper interface Clintech greatly reduces errors and eliminates duplicate data entry. Our integration team allows systems to work together by capturing and validating data from the most appropriate system and sharing it electronically with other systems. In addition, it should be noted that the Outcomes aspect of the system allows information to be readily available for clinical trials.

Keywords: Clinical Information, Clinical Information Systems, Information Systems, security