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By: Climate Control  05/12/2011
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Climate Control offer a service unrivalled throughout Ireland in our industry

We are the exclusive distributors of  in Ireland. Heliotherm are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of heatpumps, due to the high quality of their products, and the continual advances in their technology. They were the first company to use refrigerant R410a, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant - now an industry standard. Below are displayed some of the latest innovative technologies implied by Heliotherm in their products.

The Technology

 dsi-Technologydsi-Technology (direct superheat injection) is a system developed by Heliotherm to increase the efficiency of their heatpumps. Unlike other systems where one point of the system is monitored in order to determine the correct refrigerant flow, dsi-Technologyi monitors multiple positions, ensuring that refrigerant flow is always at its optimum, increasing the energy the system can absorb, thereby increasing the energy output and shortening running times.

 Twin XHeliotherm have introduced a new heat exchanger concept - a second heat exchanger to the system, this ensures the maximum energy exchange on each cycle of the refrigerant gas.

 Web ControlHeliotherm developed Web Control to increase the ease of use for customer. The system allows you to:

 Refrigerant R410a, the most environmentally friendly r efrigerant

Heliotherm uses refrigerant R410a, the most environmentally friendly refrigerant and coupled with their revolutionary new compressor generation, it is now possible to combine environmental conscientiousness and maximum efficiency. R410a has excellent heat transition qualities and unites a higher efficiency and a higher potential reduction and system costs. The use of this refrigerant reduces CO2 emissions. Due to this technology we are the only European manufacturer producing a direct evaporating heat pump offering a performance of 5 - 50kW.

The advantages of using R410a:

 DSG Silence

Because of the double bowl housing design and high-density burl foam acoustic insulation the units operate in an extremely quiet manner. This unique and attractive design reduces noise emissions, this elimates the need for a noise controlled room.

 Tele Control

Keywords: climate control, Heat Pump, Heatpumps, Refrigerant, Underfloor Heating