By: Clikring  05/12/2011

We as people have a tendancy to try hold on to the things we love the most. Our children, parents, relations and close friends. eir never seems to be enough time to spend together for many families and friends as their is always things to do.

Children grow up and move away parents pass on sometimes all to sudden and friends and work colleagues grow apart. its then you seem to realise you never ever got that photo together at christmas or that special friend you worked with for 20 years or even that very special person that you want with you all day long.

Clikring have done all these memories time and time again and believe me when i say we know the ones that are important to you.

So go on have a party or tell your boss you want something to remember the christmas party by !!!

Bring us along and we will make sure you do !!!

Noel Keegan

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05/12/2011 :: WEDDINGS

Also you will have a unique username and password to our site so that after the wedding you will be able to download any photo we take on the day as an added bonus and at no extra cost. On your wedding day, photos taken at the church are processed and placed on the designated tables by your table plan supplied by your hotel in co-ordination with you.

05/12/2011 :: PARTIES

Most of the parties we cater for are 21st followed by christenings.

05/12/2011 :: SCHOOLS

First day at schoolClikring in conjunction with the school visit first day classrooms taking photos of the children requiring photo keyrings. In all the keyrings we have produced over the years the ones that give the most memorable memories are the school ones. Clikring have been supplying keyrings to lots of mums and dads in many schools across Dublin. We have captured the laughs, the giggles, the tears and the joy of your childs schooldays.