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By: Clearview Cleaning  05/12/2011
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Mobile Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can remove the grime and every day pollutants left behind by the change of seasons and todays harsh environment. We use state of the art machines together with a surface cleaner which can clean up to 10 sq metres per minute. If water is not available on site, this is not a problem as we have the facility to use our own. Whatever your needs we can clean your premises without tainting the surrounding areas.

We provide the most cost effect, Professional Residential and Commercial Pressure and Power Washing in Limerick.

Window Cleaning

We are the leading professional window cleaning company in Limerick and use the most environmentally friendly products available in the market. We keep our prices just as competitive as our rivals, in-fact we promise to beat the yearly costs of any other written quote!

Our aim is to provide you with a competitive, five star window cleaning service for commercial and domestic premises. We are specialists in our fi eld and offer a range of cleaning services tailored to your needs.

Gutter cleaning

Blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your home and property. However, many property owners overlook gutters, due to the mess involved and access difficulties. Nevertheless it is a very important part of your property’s weatherproofing system and a few years of neglect can cause decades of regret.

Clearview are specialists in gutter cleaning for all types of residential and commercial properties. We are experienced in gutter cleaning, ladder use and maintenance, and we can therefore help you with all your guttering needs.

Restoration cleaning

Over the years a buildings facade can degrade due to various damaging causes. Using the right technologies in restoration cleaning, we will restore the exterior of your stone to its original state.

This delicate procedure ensures that your facade is left looking clean and fresh, while keeping its original look.

Using a technique known as sandblasting, fine detailed work can be carried out on the exterior so as not to harm the structure. The result is an amazing clean finish.

Graffiti removal & Protection

Using steam cleaning technology we will eliminate the tedious task of removing graffiti. We also offer protection from graffiti, known as an anti-graffiti coating. This coating is a sacrificial system, which means it is removed along with the graffiti during the cleaning process. This is the ideal solution to protect walls, buildings and other structures.


The sacrificial system allows the surface to 'breathe' making it suitable for older buildings and for buildings and structures where dampness may be a problem.


The sacrificial system is invisible so can be used on buildings and structures where any change to the surface appearance is unacceptable.


Our painting services are a post-cleaning processes, which is ideal after a facade has been cleaned. Before painting a structure or wall it is important to ensure that it is properly cleaned. We will do the paint work for you and ensure a fresh new result.

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