Integrated Flat Plate Solar Panels

By: Clean Energy Ireland  05/12/2011
Keywords: solar panels, safety glass

The exposed panel components are resistant to UV, freezing and salty environments. The unique glass mounting feature guarantees the ultimate product reliability and durability.


Type of
Flat plate collector for in-roof assembly
Dimensions 2063 x 1228mm
Gross Area 2.53m²
Aperture Area 2.32m²
Height 107mm
Absorber Area 2.29m²
Total Weight 54kg
1.6 litres
Nominal Flow 120 l/hr
2 connectors on top, 1” Swivel Nut
Absorber Type Harp absorber from copper or Aluminium
Highly selective
Absorption 95%
Emission 5%
Covering low iron, structured, solar safety glass (ESG)
Impact of
strength of the covering
Fulfils requirements of EN 12975-2
Mineral wool 50 mm
Wood, Sides and Back
Efficiency η0 78.1%
Transmission coefficient k1
3.79 W/ (m² x K)
Transmission coefficient k2
0.013 W/ (m² x K)
stagnation temperature
210 °C
Max operating
10 bar
Certification Solar Key mark (0117S038 F) EN 12975-2

3 Integrated Solar Panels Being Retrofitted

The Integrated Collectors are suitable for both new roofs and retrofitting to slate, flat or rolling tile roofs.

Keywords: safety glass, solar panels

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