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By: Clavis Technology  05/12/2011
Keywords: supply chain, data validation

Industry Solutions « Clavis Technology

Consumer Products Suppliers, Retailers and Distributors expend a lot of time and effort making sure the data on the products they sell is up-to-date and consistent with GS1 and other data requirements. The data is needed for everything from supply chain planning through to customer demand and regulatory mandates. Often they are fighting a losing battle as the demand for better, more comprehensive and higher quality data grows.

For suppliers, distributors and retailers alike the cost and complexity of maintaining and managing product data is spiraling out of control. All have employed manual workarounds and pragmatic fixes to address data issues, but these solutions are at breaking and no longer sustainable. In fact just keeping track of the rules to which the data must comply is a significant task in itself.

It is available as a low-cost subscription-based service, is easy to adopt and always has the most up-to-date rules and reference data for GS1 standards and classifications.

Available as a low-cost subscription-based software as a service (SaaS) solution, Clavis Data Validation Services deploys thousands of data quality rules, including Global GS1 standards and retailer-, regional- and sector-specific requirements, to ensure the data conforms to the required standards across all trading partners in the end-to-end supply chain. Clavis frees CPG Retailers, Suppliers and Distributors from the burden of maintaining data rules as we source, manage and update data quality rules and reference data on an ongoing basis as GS1 standards and other data requirements evolve.

Keywords: data validation, supply chain

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Successful Consumer Goods Suppliers, Retailers and Distributors constantly strive to realize operational efficiencies, cost savings and to improve cross-enterprise visibility and governance. Ensure your product data conforms with GS1 data standards before you send to your trading partners or publish it to a Data Pool via the Global Data Synchronization Network.


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Data Capture/Creation Quality: Microsoft technology, including Office products such as MS Word and Excel, as well as InfoPath and Silverlight, play a central role in data collection as the frontend of many data capture processes.