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By: Clavis Technology  05/12/2011

Business Solutions « Clavis Technology

Master Data Management: Applying centrally managed data quality controls upstream at the points where data is first created is critical to the success of Operational MDM:

  • Extends standardization disciplines of MDM beyond the reach of the MDM portal to the documents and forms where business partners, inside and outside the enterprise, first create data
  • Integrates with upstream data capture processes, forms and applications thus supporting existing business processes for data collection
  • Enables suppliers, trading partners and customers to apply the same data quality standards to any process

Data Capture/Creation Quality: Microsoft technology, including Office products such as MS Word and Excel, as well as InfoPath and Silverlight, play a central role in data collection as the frontend of many data capture processes. Their ubiquity stems from the ease with which business users can create and edit relatively complex forms using Word and Excel. Clavis Data Quality Steward integrates seamlessly with these applications to enhance their role in data capture by enabling users to add sophisticated data quality and governance functionality to their data capture processes:

  • Flagging errors, inconsistencies, or missing data
  • Providing guidance, hints and suggestions
  • Automatically filling in relevant fields
  • Dynamically providing dropdown lists
  • Applying rules based on specific context
  • Enabling data capture personnel to ask questions and collaborate with a subject matter experts

Trading Partner Data Validation: The exchange of high quality data between trading partners is the foundation stone of business-to-business eCommerce. But despite the existence of standards such as those provided by GS1 there continues to be a large degree of variation in the information and data required by different suppliers, partners and customers. Clavis Data Steward offers an intuitive, flexible and easy to manage way for organizations to allow for the variation in requirements by validating data against appropriate and relevant data rules at the point of collection.

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Successful Consumer Goods Suppliers, Retailers and Distributors constantly strive to realize operational efficiencies, cost savings and to improve cross-enterprise visibility and governance. Ensure your product data conforms with GS1 data standards before you send to your trading partners or publish it to a Data Pool via the Global Data Synchronization Network.


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Available as a low-cost subscription-based software as a service solution, Clavis Data Validation Services deploys thousands of data quality rules, including Global GS1 standards and retailer-, regional- and sector-specific requirements, to ensure the data conforms to the required standards across all trading partners in the end-to-end supply chain.