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By: Class One Coolers  05/12/2011
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Our after sales service is unrivalled with our commitment to be with you within 24 hours of receiving your call. We renew our complete system, including drinking water faucet and all associated pipe work every 6 months, to help ensure against bacteria growth. Our installations are carried out to the highest standard by our fully qualified personnel. . We guarantee our systems for life, (provided the service and maintenance contract is maintained).

Transform your water into fresh drinking water, utilising our unique range of filtration systems.

  • Service support 5 days a week.
  • Emergency 2 hour call-out facility.
  • Scheduled sanitisation twice annually.
  • Scheduled replacement of purification assembly.
  • Cup deliveries.
  • Free maintenance on all rented units.

We supply an extensive range of Domestic Filtration Systems and Water Softeners. LoCall 1890 CLASS1 for details.

Benefits of Plumbed in Water Coolers

  • - Purified, Chilled, Refreshing Water
  • - More Cost Effective than Bottled Water
  • - One Simple Fixed Quarterly Payment (Includes UV, Filter Replacements & Sanitation)
  • - No Re-Ordering of Bottles
  • - No More Storage Issues
  • - No Interruption to Consumption
  • - No Risk of Personal Injury
  • - Reduced Administration

Benefits of Mains Fed Water Boilers

  • - Purified Filtered Boiling Water on Demand
  • - One Simple Fixed Quarterly Payment (IncludesFilter Replacements & Descaling )
  • - No Waiting for Kettles to Boil
  • - No Taste of Chlorine
  • - No more “downtime” because your employeeshave to wait for the kettle to boil


  • - Sanitary Quick Change Cartridge
  • - High flow, high capacity filter
  • - Uses proprietary graded carbon to 'polish' water to a pleasant, clean taste and inhibits the build up of limescale within the cooler.
  • - 0.5 micron, Class 1 Filtration Rating
  • - Removes Sediment, Rust, Bad Taste and Odours.
  • - Removes 99.95% of all protozoan cysts including
  • - Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • - Removes 95% of Chlorine

UV Process:

  • - Kills airborne bacteria at the dispenser

Keywords: drinking water

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The River is a water fountain that attaches to the mains water supply to provide consistently high-quality drinking water over prolonged periods, with only minimal maintenance. The reliability of the River makes it ideal for use in factories, workshops, public spaces, train stations, naval ports and airports. Optional filters: Filters can easily be attached to improve the taste and aroma of the water dispensed.