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By: Mcgovern Organic Wines  05/12/2011
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Di Filippo Italain wines have arrived!  Please see our “Italian” page for descriptions of these wines!

Di Filippo produce high-quality grapes, without which good wines cannot be produced.  They consider the following conditions of greatest importance in the prouction of good grapes:

  •     Low Yield per hectare:  their vineyards produce on average 8,000 kg of grapes per hectare
  •     Thier cultivation which uses only natural methods gives a lower yield, but grapes-and consequently wines-free from fungicides, weed-killers or other harmful compunds.  All thier vineyards are cultivated using certified organic methods.
  •    A personal knowledge of their vineyards allow them to select the most suitable grapes for their wines.
  •     They ascertain the time when their grapes are perfectly ripe in order to choose the right moment for the best possible wine.
  •     Very important, they harvest by hand, allowing them to preserve the integrity of the grapes until the moment of wine production.

White wines:  The grapes are hand-picked, usually into crates, then delicately pressed whole.  The “must” obtained is then decanted naturally for one day and fermented at a low temperature for a period of betwen two to four weeks.  The wine is then refined in stainless steel casks or (in the case of Farandola) in barrels of French oak.

Red Wines:  After harvesting by hand, the grapes are rasped and left to steep for 10 to 30 days, depending on the type of wine they produce.  During the steeping process the temperature of fermentation is continually checked in order to preserve the fruity qualities of the wine.  After this process the grapes are pressed.  Refining is done in stainless steel casks for Villa Conversino Rosso, and in wooden casks for other red wines.  They use casks of different sizes and woods.

Keywords: organic wines, Vegetarian Wine, vineyards, wines,

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McGovern Organic Wines Leitrim Supervalu Vegetarian Wine Red White French Spanish Italian Australian South African - latest news

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