PCI Express VXIbus Slot-0 Interface

By: Bustec  05/12/2011
Keywords: Pci, data acquisition

The ProDAQ 3030 PCI Express VXIbus slot-0 interface is a C-size, register-based VXIbus module providing a direct connection from a PC to a VXIbus mainframe using the high-speed PCI Express serial bus. Together with any of the available host cards, the ProDAQ 3030 enables users to use a laptop, desktop, or server computer as an embedded controller. Optimized for low latency and high throughput, it provides a high-performance but cost-effective solution for a data acquisition system. 

Because the ProDAQ 3030 supports PCI Express hot-plug functionality, users can power-up a host PC independently from a VXI chassis. Users also can power-off any VXI chassis without having to shut down the host PC. 

The ProDAQ 3030 offers two PCI Express ports with four lanes according to the PCI Express External Cabling specification. One of the ports connects to the host computer, while the second port connects to another VXIbus mainframe in a daisy-chain configuration. Up to 16 mainframes can be daisy chained. An optical cable option offers connectivity beyond the maximum cable length of seven meters for copper cables by extending the maximum distance between the host computer and the VXIbus system to 100 meters. With high-speed data acquisition, the ProDAQ 3030 provides a high-performance and cost-effective solution for VXIbus applications. 

Keywords: data acquisition, Pci