B2BGateway Solutions EDI Details

By: B2bgateway  05/12/2011

B2BGateway has been providing EDI solutions for Solutions users since 2001. We were the first to provide fully integrated EDI (no re-keying of data), the first with ASN support and the first to provide UCC-128 Shipping Labels.


B2BGateway is by far the best EDI solution for Solutions. In our previous implementations, we have learned the lessons and we have addressed almost every business need. If you have a special business need we have probably already dealt with the same situation for a previous client.


B2BGateway DOES NOT have a help desk. When you sign up for B2BGateway service, you are assigned a Tech/Admin representative and at least one Technical Representative from B2BGateway. When you call or e-mail B2BGateway, you will be in contact with a person who knows you and understands your business needs. Your Tech/Admin and Technical person can be reached day or night (24/7) for mission critical applications.