Series 100 FPD GC

By: AGC Instruments Ltd  17/01/2011
Keywords: gas chromatographs

The Series 100 Flame Photometric Detector GC from AGC Instruments is designed to give a response to sulphur and phosphorous compounds, has a selectivity achieved by the inclusion of filters which will only allow wavelengths characteristic of these elements to pass (380nm for sulphur and 526 nm for phosphorus).

If only one reducing flame is used phosphorus emission is a linear function of the quantity, while the emission from sulphur is a logarithmic function of the quantity, this latter depending also on the hydrocarbon part of the molecule so that an accurate response calibration for each component injected is required.

Furthermore, with the simultaneous combustion of sulphur and hydrocarbon compounds in the reducing flame an undesirable “quenching” effect occurs, bringing about the reduction, or even the total extinction of sulphur emission. In order to overcome these problems, the AGC Instruments FPD uses an oxidising flame where the components eluting from the column are first burnt.

Keywords: gas chromatographs