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By: Learn Abroad  05/12/2011
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Fees for degree programmes abroad vary significantly, depending on the country in which the university is located and the subject matter of the degree programme. For example, there are no fees for EU students joining a programme in Denmark, Sweden or Finland. Fees are low in public universities in Holland [Eur1713 pa], Italy, Germany & Austria.

 On the other hand, fees for high demand Med School places a re Eur8500 pa in Slovakia and over Eur10,000 in other universities. Course fees are detailed at the foot of each course description.

Cost of Living

Cost of living will clearly vary from country to country, sometimes significantly. In those countries where the cost of living is much less than in Ireland, this could be a significant factor in your decision to study abroad. Below are Consumer Price Indeces for 2010 [Base, for comparison, New York = 100]:

Oslo 152
Lucerne 138
Copenhagen 134
Paris 130
Dublin 122
Milan 121
Brussels 120
London 118
Lyon 115
Berlin 115
Helsinki 113
Stockholm 111
Amsterdam 111
Munich 107
Madrid 103
Vienna 103
New York 100
Frankfurt 97
Melbourne 96
Barcelona 96
Montreal 85
Prague 72
Budapest 63
Warsaw 53
Kosice 52

Tax Relief

Tax relief is available for tuition paid for approved undergraduate courses in both private and publicly funded third-level colleges in any EU member state

Maintenance Grants

In Ireland maintenance grants under the Higher Education Grants Scheme and the Vocational Education Committees Scholarship Scheme are available for undergraduate courses of at least 2 years’ duration in a publicly-funded third-level institution in another EU member state. Depending on your income you may be eligible for a maintenance grant provided that you fulfill the conditions as to residence, age, academic attainments and nationality.

Scholarships & Grants

There are a limited range of scholarships available for study abroad.

The following are also worth researching:

While most international students in Australia are full-fee paying students, another option is to apply for a scholarship. Scholarships are offered by the Australian Government, education institutions and a number of other organisations.

Keywords: higher education, Scholarships, Study Abroad

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