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By:  05/12/2011

Eurozone Finance Ministers will meet later in Brussels, to agree the details of how to bolster their bailout fund and help prevent contagion in the bond markets.

The meeting comes after the US President Barack Obama said yesterday that America stands ready to do its part to help Europe with its deepening debt crisis.

The ministers are also likely to approve the next tranche of emergency loans for Ireland and Greece.

However, it's expected the Irish Government will not be given any more reductions in its bailout interest rates.

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The measure is regarded as key for the development of the Lynx Cargo Facility at Shannon Airport, but Leo Varadkar has told the Dáil that no senior member of government has entered into talks on the matter. The Minister for Transport has been criticised for failing to meet with figures in the US administration about cargo pre-clearance for Shannon Airport. Clare Fianna Fail TD Timmy Dooley is disappointed that the government is not doing more.