Public Consultations | Claire Wheeler

By: Claire Wheeler  05/12/2011

The Dublin Docklands Development Authority (DDDA), which is separate from Dublin City Council, has been conducting pre-statutory consultation for a draft planning scheme for Poolbeg. I have attended the public meetings, and am on the ‘Special Interest Group’, set up to discuss the issues. The DDDA wants an extensive, high-density development, at Poolbeg.

I believe that before the Plan can be finished, it is vital to first safeguard our wonderful natural amenity bordering Dublin Bay, to guarantee the protection of wildlife, and to have an extensive anti-flooding strategy.

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Portobello | Claire Wheeler

As the junction lies along a Quality Bus Corridor route, they have forwarded my concerns to the Quality Bus Network Project Office for consideration as part of the Rathfarnham Quality Bus Corridor Review. I have contacted Dublin City Council about this.


Green Party | Claire Wheeler

For me the Green Party is about improving Quality of Life by enabling an inclusive society, a sustainable economy and a a pleasant environment. The range and standard of services provided by Dublin City Council are essential elements in improving the quality of life of all Dubliners. Many people in Dublin are excluded from enjoying, and participating fully in, the life of our great City.