Chinese Courses

By: Chinese Made Easy  05/12/2011

We are proud to offer the following courses:

Private Tuition is the most effective way to learn Chinese in the shortest time given, at reasonable rates. We understand that your Chinese learning needs are unique and special. Therefore, we will tailor the lesson materials/plans to suite your exact needs and each lesson is customised specifically for your level. With 1-2-3 tuition you get 100% of the teacher's time and attention. It is the most enjoyable and efficient way to learn Chinese,

If you have a few friends or colleagues who share the same interest with you in learning Chinese, then small group is the ideal class for you! The best thing about learning in a small group is that not only can you learn Chinese with the teacher, but also you will get a chance to put what you learnt into practice by doing variable in-class activities and exercises with other students. All the activities are designed based on different topics in the real life, eg, shopping, going out, in a restaurant, in the airport/bus station, asking for direction, etc. Therefore, when you finally get to use the language in reality, you will be surprised and glad to find that you've already been the situation before!

Going to China in the next few months for holidays or for a business trip? Just want to pick up some basic Chinese to get you around? Survival Chinese is designed to cover top 10 real-life situations including, greetings, introducing yourself, asking other people's basic information (name, nationality..), numbers, directions and location, in the restaurant, buying things and bargain, asking the time, taking public transport, in the pub/bar, and talking about the weather. You can choose all or some from the topics that you are interested in and equip them before you head out for the big adventure. (It normally takes about 60 hours to cover the whole 10 topics)

With China's economy growing rapidly during the last few decades, and with a market of 1.3 billion people, more and more foreingners with business ideas are turning their eyes to the land with enormous potential. Maybe you have set up a business relationship with a company in China, or maybe you are thinking of or already bought some properties in China, or maybe you are going to be relocated to China as your company's representative, whatever the reason might be, being able to communicate with your clients or suppliers is of crucial importance in maintaining and developing the current business. Therefore, Business Chinese is designed to equip you with any necessary vocabularies or phrases that you need during business meetings, conferences, negotiations, etc. This course is recommended to people who have already completed at least the basic level of Chinese and want to take their language skills one step further.

Know some Chinese already? Haven't been using it for a while and feeling it a bit rusty? The Chinese Conversation course is aimed to help you to improve your spoken Chinese to a higher level. As many people would agree, forgetting the vocabularies is the biggest enemy in learning a foreign language. Therefore, each Conversation class is designed to focus on different topics where vocabularies with the same nature are used repeatedly in a situational environment to enhance your memories. This course is suitable for people who have a intermediate or higher level of Chinese.

Other courses can be arranged upon request.