Personalized Digital Services Solution | Amdocs Interactive

By: Changingworlds  05/12/2011

The Amdocs Interactive Personalized Digital Services Solution is a turnkey solution that can help you rapidly deploy a more compelling mobile portal and capitalize on mobile content and advertising. Its key differentiator is that it personalizes the user experience down to the individual consumer, whether they’re browsing your portal or the open Web, shopping in your storefront, searching and even viewing mobile advertisements.

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Intelligent Portal Manager | Amdocs Interactive

Device makers and Internet companies are making it easier for consumers to browse and consume from their mobile devices. In fact, in markets with low data adoption, mobile devices will become the primary Internet access device. Do you support a wide enough variety of devices if you’re a mobile operator. Are you offering enough compelling content fast enough to your subscribers.


Mobile Internet Bridge | Amdocs Interactive

It inserts a tool bar that helps users to navigate the open Web via a search box, browsing history, book marks, etc., and also recommends alternative links to content on your portal in order to entice users to come back. The tool bar can be customized by both operators and consumers.


Digital Commerce Solution | Amdocs Interactive

The Amdocs Interactive Digital Commerce Solution can help you revamp your current storefront and commerce platform into a state of the art retailing solution. And…if you’re looking to enter the market, this is the solution to help you quickly start realizing content sales. It also supports any type of storefront, whether mobile, Web or IPTV.