By: Champcloud  05/12/2011

Data Integeration

Our data integration takes your existing data and restructures it so it can preloaded into CHAMP. We will 'clean' the data, which entails  basic standardisation of formating and removing any obvious duplicates. We will however mark all data with a tag for its original source. This service means that once CHAMP is deployed it is ready to use and ensures that you immediately start to see a return on your investment.


On deployment of CHAMP you will receive on site training, but prior to this we will meet you and your staff to make sure everyone is ready for the change and understands their roles in the process. This makes the change from whatever your current processes were much easier and builds a team approach to the adaption of the new software.

CHAMP is easy to use and after completing just a few hours training you will capable of using most of its general features. An online and printed manual is provided and remote support is available where we can dial in during your first runs of specific tasks allowing us to take you step by step through these processes.