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By: Cfit  05/12/2011
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We offer the following range of professional services to help you design and implement technologies that are accessible to the widest audience, including older people and people with disabilities.

Have your website tested by people with disabilities. Find out how usable it really is, whether it works with assistive technologies and how to fix any problems.

Have your website fully audited against international standards by accessibility experts. Discover where it falls short and how to make it compliant.

Have your digital TV equipment or services audited for accessibility and usability against best practice standards in Universal Design. Discover where it falls short and how to improve it.

Get the help you need, when you need it, with a flexible package of ongoing consultancy and support, arranged to suit your needs.

Two day in-depth training courses in web accessibility for website developers and administrators. Yes it is technical! But that what you sign up for.

What's wrong with this picture? Do you think you may not really understand just who your users are? Does accessibility seem just too.well abstract? If so, meet people with disabilities, find out how they use your product or service and talk with them about their experiences. The best way to learn what accessibility really means.

Which service is right for you?

Often we are asked "What is the best approach for my website project?", "Should I get a user test first and then a full accessibility audit, or the other way round?". These are very important questions and we hope that the diagram below will illustrate what we think is a common sense approach to ensure that you get the most out of our auditing and user testing services.

1) Website prototyping

This is where you have done your requirements gathering exercises, you know who your target audience is going to be and you have produced wireframes, then templates or working versions of the site to test. You are aware of Web Standards, care about accessibility and proud of the design and development work that you do. The next step is then the audit itself.

2) Accessibility audit

3) Integrate audit outputs

This is the stage where the audit has been completed and an experienced CFIT consultant has gone through the audit with your team of designers and developers in detail. After this, you can make the suggested changes in order to conform to the success criteria you may have failed in the first round of the auditing process. This is a very important stage as it will eliminate accessibility errors and improve the quality of the site before the user test. This enables the test users to concentrate on their tasks, rather than wasting precious time struggling with technical problems that could have been identified and removed at the audit stage.

4) User testing

This is where you have your website tested by people with disabilities. You will find out how usable it really is, whether it works with assistive technologies and really see if all the hard work you have done improving the quality of your site has paid off.

Keywords: digital tv, Disabilities