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By: Celtic Publications  05/12/2011
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Here at Celtic Publications we can help you with a lot more than providing you with books and materials.
We believe Ireland provides a safe and quality learning environment and will be happy to provide advice to help you to study here.
We have a top quality team of staff on hand who can also help you with (see below):

Do you prefer to learn in a classroom or with a private teacher?
Do you want to come to Ireland to learn to speak or to teach English?
Are you an agent bringing students to Ireland to study English and Sport/Cultural Activities?
Are you a native English language speaker and want to learn how to teach English to speakers of other languages?
We can help!
We supply many colleges and schools in Ireland with our books and materials.
Contact us and tell us:
Who? - Who are you? Send us your contact details with the following information…
Where? – Where in Ireland would you like to study?
When? – When do you want to study?
Why? – Why do you want to learn English? (Conversation/Work/Exams)
What? – Approximately what is your current level of English/Teaching experience (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
How? – How do you want to study? (Class/Private/Online) How long do you want to study for?
We will be happy to give you advice.

Are you coming to work in Ireland?

Do you want to change jobs?

Your C.V. (Resume) is a very important document.

It is your advertisement to a prospective employer.

We can help you by correcting your mistakes and advising you with the content and layout.

Do you need your writing checked for spelling mistakes?

Are you a business and need your brochures, menus etc proofed?

Do you like our website?

Would you like a website made for you?

Or would you like your website updated to fit todays style and technologies?

Keywords: books

Other products and services from Celtic Publications


Celtic Publications

This book is for teachers and it is full of lesson plans, teaching tips and photocopiable exercises to help you to teach students using the “Learning English in Ireland” course book. You will be able to read and PRONOUNCE ANY WORD in ANY ENGLISH dictionary (containing the internationally recognized phonetic symbols) GUARANTEED!. We also produce tapes and CD's so that you can listen to the pronunciation as you read some of the books.