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By: Celtic Productions  05/12/2011
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Celtic Productions provides a myriad of very diverse software systems. This diversity reflects the extremely wide knowledge base of our developers and their expertise in bringing products to market. Most of our products started with a specification from a particular client and then with the client's permission, have been expanded and made scalable so that other customers and companies can benefit from the time and effort that has gone into the software.

Some of our software systems are quite small, for example, the Link Development Tool and our bespoke Content Management System (CMS) however some are industry leaders, for example, our state-of-the-art online hotel and holiday rental reservation system. Some of our systems are wholly developed internally, like Geo-locator and VillaShare™ while some are provided by third-party companies and we simply support and implement them. This combination of in-house development, smart outsourcing and continual refinement and development of our products allows us to meet our customers' needs.

Reservation Systems

Celtic Productions' RGSAPI is a software suite that abstracts the complex workings of an online reservation system. The system is widely implemented and represents industry-leading functionality in order to maximise conversions.
Developed: In-house
Suitable For: SME's and Large Hotel & Holiday Rental Companies
Built Using: Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP


VillaShare is a social networking application on the Facebook platform. It enables people booking a holiday to invite their friends on the holiday through Facebook and for the friends to pay their share of the holiday separately.
Developed: In-house
Suitable For: Companies looking to expand their social networking presence
Built Using: Facebook Platform, SOAP, PHP

Link Development Tool

Originally developed to assist our clients in their link-building and SEO efforts, the link development tool is designed to evaluate the best 'link-givers' in a keyword domain.
Developed: In-house
Suitable For: Companies seeking to maximise their exposure in search engines
Built Using: Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP

Content Management Systems

Celtic Productions can provide a number of content management systems including our in-house CRUD system and the excellent Typo3 CMS.
Developed: In-house & Third-party
Suitable For: Individuals/companies looking to manage their website content
Built Using: Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP

Roster Systems

We provide both an Excel-based and web-based roster system which integrates with the excellent Timeware © time & attendance software.
Developed: In-house (bolt-on)
Suitable For: Any company using rosters and who have a Timeware © installation.
Built Using: Windows, Apache, mySQL, PHP, Excel, SQL Server, VBScript


Our geo-locator technology is designed for companies who use 'catchment areas', e.g. delivery companies, chain stores &c. Geo-locator maps an address in the Republic of Ireland to a particular catchment area.
Developed: In-house & Third-party APIs
Suitable For: Companies with multiple locations/branches
Built Using: Linux, Apache, mySQL, PHP, Google APIs, Javascript

Time & Attendance Systems

We can provide support, scripts and reports to users of the Timeware © time & attendance software.
Developed: Third-party
Suitable For: SME's and large companies with a Timeware © installation
Built Using: Windows, SQL Server, VBScript, Crystal Reports

Keywords: Booking A Holiday, content management, content management systems, management systems, search engines, social networking, Social Networking Application

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It enables people booking a holiday to invite their friends on the holiday through Facebook and for the friends to pay their share of the holiday separately. We offer state-of-the-art hosting services from lightning quick and cheap shared servers to full-on enterprise-level dedicated servers. We offer consultancy services for individuals and companies seeking advice on how to obtain their IT goals.


VillaShare™ :: Our products | Celtic Productions

VillaShare™ is a new social vacation application on the Facebook platform that allows friends to easily and spontaneously organise villa vacations together by managing group invitations, splitting the costs into equal shares automatically and organising each payment separately.