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Keywords: amino acids, phosphorus, Phosphorus Compounds

Amino Acids for Peptide Manufacture and other applications
Celtic Catalysts has a portfolio of internally-developed chiral technologies which we use to produce amino acids in laboratory to production-scale quantities. We recognise the importance of high purity amino acids for peptide drug manufacturers and consequently we produce our amino acids and derivatives to an ultra-high purity specification. These are available in both enantiomeric forms as either the “free” amino acids or as the protected variants (protecting groups include FMOC, BOC, Ac, CBz….)

Ligands and Catalysts
Celtic Catalysts has developed scalable synthetic routes to a variety of its own proprietary and other off-patent P-chiral ligands. These include DiPAMP, TriChickenFootPhos, BisP* and MiniPHOS amongst others. Celtic Catalysts sells the ligands in its portfolio at multi-kg scale and on a non-royalty, price per kg basis.

Phosphorus Compounds
Celtic Catalysts’ team has a combined 50+ years experience in phosphorus chemistry. We can make to order a wide range of phosphorus (III) and phosphorus (V) compounds with a variety of substituents including carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, sulfur, halogens etc. 

Keywords: amino acids, phosphorus, Phosphorus Compounds

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Other products and services from Celtic Catalysts


Amino Acids

Our highly effective asymmetric hydrogenation catalysts enable us to make this in exceptionally high purityand enantiomeric excess. If you require a custom, bespoke unnatural amino acid, we have a range of experience covering various amino acids groups. Celtic Catalysts specializes in the manufacture of unnatural, unusual, difficult-to-make amino acids.



The full reports supplied at the close of each project are always prepared by the lead chemist and include complete, publication/patent-quality characterisation of novel compounds where possible. We have first class synthesis and analytical facilities at our disposal which enable us to capitalise upon our expertise and provide a broad range of the highest quality services to our clients.


Catalyst Screening

In addition to our own in-house ligands and catalysts, we also screen other companies' proprietary and non-proprietary catalysts using parallel multi-well hydrogenation reactors including the Biotage Endeavor. If you require a more efficient catalyst or believe a catalytic hydrogenation is a superior option to your current chemistry we can help you find the optimum route.


Custom Synthesis

Our custom synthesis services can be secured to produce milligram to multi-kilogram quantities of compounds from either known processes or from new processes developed by our team. We relish taking on difficult synthetic challenges and encourage you to seek a quotation for all of your custom synthesis needs. We achieve this with high levels of communication and customer service. Raw Material/building block synthesis - grams and kilos.


Process Development

Our team has many combined years of experience in turning medchem routes into successful plant-scale synthesis, and in optimising existing plant and pilot plant processes. These processes can then be scaled up by our production chemists and a fully optimised “tech package” is then transferred back to the customer.