Order Flow

By: Cell Phone Ireland  05/12/2011
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  • When we put your order together we fully test your cell phone.
  • We test the phone to ensure it can successfully place and receive a call.
  • The phones voice mail is customised with your cell phone number.
  • All voice mail messages are cleared.
  • All text messages (text/sms) are cleared.
  • All call logs are cleared.
  • The phone is cleaned.
  • Notify you of your Cell Phone number so that you can pass it on to family and friends.
  • Confirm the shipment of your phone.

Our phones ship with the following items.

  • A set of brief, simple instructions on how to use the phone and place calls.
  • A wall charger or a 12volt car charger.
  • A helpline number which will allow you to contact us, in case you have any queries.
  • A prepaid package which you can use to ship the phone back to us.

Keywords: Cell Phone