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By: Traffic Management Technology & Survey  05/12/2011
Keywords: energy efficiency, battery, Solar Panel

Solar Traffic Director™


  • Environmentally safe operation
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Models available to ensure dependability in any geo-graphical location
  • New technology lowers maintenance costs and increases energy efficiency
  • Controller located safely away from battery box
  • 15 light models have 7 arrow functions (see model)
  • 25 light models have 12 arrow functions (see model)
  • Meets MUTCD specifications
  • Lockable battery and control box
  • MIG welded tubular steel frame: 2.5″ square
  • Heavy duty steel fenders with inner splash guard
  • Removable towbar with standard 2″ball coupler provides for greater theft protection and more economical shipping 15″ tires

Solar Battery Box

25 Light Solar Controller

Travel Position

Special Features

  • Powder coated paint
  • Control box with slam latch lid and rear cable protection cover
  • Re-designed steel battery box for greater longevity
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Optional auto lock stabilizer pins

Controller Special Features

  • Positive drive voltage system (voltage to lamps only when they flash)
  • Many arrow models to choose from:
  • 15 light models have 5 or 7 arrow functions (see model)
  • 25 light models have 12 arrow functions (see model)
  • Lockable weather resistant aluminum box
  • Resetting dual circuit breakers
  • Low voltage disconnect with indicator
  • Low voltage warning indicator (N/A on diesel and vehicle units)
  • Solar panel voltage regulator with indicator not available on diesel and vehicle unit
  • Automatic and manual dimming functions
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Optional arrow pattern display

Technical Specifications

  • Standard Trailer Construction
  • Axle assembly with leaf springs: 2000lbs capacity
  • Tires: 15″ automotive
  • Heavy duty winch with safety brake allows one person to raise arrow board
  • Single locking device to hold arrow board in place while in operation or travel modes
  • Optional ring or combo ball/pintle hitches available
  • Optional auto locking pins for stabilizer legs

Trailer Specifications

  • Length with drawbar: 114.5″ (290.8cm)
  • Length without drawbar: 63.0″ (160.0cm)
  • Arrow board width: 96.0″ (243.8cm)
  • Trailer Frame Width: 72.0″ (182.9cm
  • Operating Height: 134.5″ (341.6cm)
  • Traveling Height: 94.5″ (240.0cm)
  • Approximate Weight (solar): 1200lbs (544kg)

Battery Box

  • 25 Light Solar controller
  • Travel Position

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