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By: Cauwill Technologies  05/12/2011

PinPoints  is a content publishing platform for businesses where they can create/upload content, integrate their social presence and publish to multiple types of mobile devices simultaneously.

The primary piece of content that we focus on is location but we deliver any additional content that you may have related to that location. This is a create once – publish to all mobile platforms solution. We deliver application like integration, look & feel but delivered on a smart URL and automatically customised for the specific mobile platform.

  • Publishing Location Based Content to mobile devices
  • Providing a Highly Targeted & Direct Advertisement Channel
  • Gathering user behavioural and customer satisfaction
  • Reduce the cost associated with the development & maintenance of native application
  • Choosing which mobile device to support
  • Distribution – we don’t need an App-store

Eight major handset manufactures each with up to five different operating systems and multiple application frameworks per mobile operating system. A native application developed for one phone model does not port to other devices.

The result is an expensive, time-consuming process spent developing an application that may not be allowed pass Quality Assessment and which ultimately only reaches a fraction of the desired target audience.

Additionally, a great deal of friction exists in converting interested users into users willing to visit an application store, search for your application, downloads it and install.

Using our platform the content is delivered with the simplicity of a URL sent directly to the end users handset.

If monetisation is desired then we provide an m-commerce option such that the content may be paid for using direct operator phone billing.

Our clients are from the

SME sectorSmall and Medium Enterprises

and we have also provided Enterprise solutions for the Travel & Directory Assistance sector.

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