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By: Cashbook  05/12/2011
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This will be a big time saver for our
business. In addition to the product
installed, we appreciate the continued
product support afterwards in working
through minor issues that cropped up.
Rene Stasiak, AR Controller,Atlas Copco
CMT USA - Customer since 2005

Cash Automation Solutions

At Cashbook we believe the best solutions are the simplest to use. Once you are trained to make
an Electronic Payment in Cashbook, you can rapidly be able to pick up Accounts Receivable
processing and Bank Reconciliation processes.
Cashbook solutions are modular:
There is nothing stopping you from just taking a single module such as electronic payments or
ACH processing. The license is equivalent to the size and complexity of the business process.
After one module our customers feel they want to build upon their success and consider other
modules. This is where things get interesting. There is no reinstallation, no costly re-
implementation process, and very limited additional training. This ensures users can be up and
running on different Cashbook processes in days rather than weeks.
Bank Independence:
We never get tired of telling people about the number of bank interfaces we have completed. We
have completed over 165 different bank interfaces. This is very important because if you change
your bank, or your bank changes it’s format we can provide you with a new bank interface in
days, not weeks. If you have a complex highly automated lockbox solution you are not going to
want to tie this into a specific bank. Our solution is independent of the bank you are currently with.
ERP Independence:
As the diagram below shows we have completed projects with BPCS, MAPICS, PRMS, SAP, JDE
and Baan. We are expanding our ERP knowledge base continually. Each new ERP interface has
new challenges but these are being rapidly overcome with our ERP mapping tools and utilizing
ERP batch processing routines to update back into the ERP system should the business process
require this.
Environmental Variables for SSC’s:
Everybody thinks you have to run an SSC on a single platform. With Cashbook we have built
Environment variables so you can run payments across companies, currencies, banks and now
ERP systems. You have to see this to believe it. Before you spend a fortune on a common ERP
platform talk to us and see a demonstration.
Support and Maintenance: All of our modules are being continually developed. In February 2009
with the launch of v5.1 and our patented development tools we are now able to increase our
speed of development remarkably. Every day we add new enhancements, features and reports
to give greater control and functionality to our user base. A new client can be emailed keeping
your team up-to-date with the latest functionality.
Financial Knowledge:
We are a boutique software house who takes upon specific projects where we know we can add
value. Our financial knowledge has been gained by numerous implementations in many
countries. For global companies with complex global issues you will not find any other company
with a more complete financial knowledge in the area of cash application, reconciliation and
Plug Us In:
The diagram below shows exactly what all of our solutions do. We are the financial middleware
that sits between your ERP and your bank handling all transactions, payables, receivables and
bank statements. Look at our solutions closely, check out the product tours, email us with your
questions. If we don’t think there is value or a fit with our business then we will tell you that and
tell you who we think might be better placed to help.
Ask Us:
Our website is by no means a complete listing of what we do. There are always projects in place
that expand upon our Cashbook platform. If you have questions and points of clarification send
us an email to [email protected] and we will try to point you in the right direction.

At the helm of cash
automation for over 18

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Keywords: Accounts Receivable, bank, Bank Reconciliation, Cash Management Software, cashbook, Management Software Solutions

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The Cashbook solution is specifically geared to meet the challenges associated with processing and applying cash in Shared Service Centers for European organizations.The Shared Service Center phenomenon has allowed companies to leverage expertise and resources at one location to serve internal finance departments across multiple business units.


Bank Statement Upload Automation

The word “suggest” is used as no automatic postings are completed, everything must be approved by the appropriate credit controller.The variation in automation from 30-80% depends upon the bank that your business is using and the way your customers pay you. Supports algorithms across customer numbers, invoices, sales orders, customer bank accounts, pick list, packing numbers, customer purchase orders, shipment numbers, sales orders.


MT940 bank File Format

Cashbook has an integrated MT940 solution allows companies to upload a bank statement and algorithms are applied so that cash receipts and manual payments are automatically applied to customer invoices. Where codes or ‘character strings’ are used to identify transaction types and / or amounts – example ‘SKT’ = discount – we will automatically code these references to specific general ledger accounts.


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Standard matching algorithms available include combinations of the following reference data: invoice amount, invoice number, purchase order reference, sales order reference, discount amount, due date. As well as consolidated Lockbox files to be applied across multiple company divisions and ERP environments.Current daily matching rates at our U.S. Lockbox sites range from 60% to 100%.